A proposal draft for a TetrisConcept x HardDrop merger.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by z-flo, 29 Jun 2009.

  1. This may seem odd, coming from someone with comparably minimal involvement with the community at large, but after the rather sudden series of events this past week, I have a proposal.

    At present, TC.net functions in the same way Caffeine's TC did, emphasizing text/image-based content on the Wiki and providing mostly technical information (records, etc.) as a whole.

    In contrast, HardDrop has taken a different approach, providing a multimedia approach similar to GameSpot and other larger gaming communities. Their Wiki links to a Wikia page.

    Assuming that the majority does not want to shuffle between two separate communities, and assuming both parties involved have no objections, I'd like to propose a merger.

    HardDrop.com would maintain its World Map, Videos, News, and other unique features. The forums and Wiki, however, would link to content provided on TetrisConcept.net. In return, TC.net would keep their Wiki, Records, and Forums as their main draws while advertising partnership with HD and their content. Additionally, a history/FAQ on the community at large may be written as well.

    Forum member lists would naturally be combined (or, simply, a new unified forum would be made).

    Any thoughts?

    For reference, here's the discussion going on over at HardDrop:
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  2. I'd say yes. I see no real advantage at this stage to most people being registered on two different forums.
  3. Yes, a merger is definitely in order. I think the two main things are the forum and the wiki, so if anything I'd prefer the forum to be at harddrop and the wiki to be at tetrisconcept.net. I'd like to see a clear divide between the old TC and the new harddrop/TC, particularly since caffeine did not want the tetrisconcept he set up to morph into something else outside of his control and continue under that name, so maybe maintain the old TC forum posts locked in their own cryogenic chamber distinct from the new forums, wherever they end up being hosted. I'd really like to see something happen that leads to some sort of resolution between caffeine and everyone.
  4. Lets make sure that whatever happens, the person(s) in control of the content, servers, and domains, have made statements on whether they are just doing it for a "hobby", if they have plans to "stop" their "hobby" after a few years, and if so, if they would hand off the control or simply throw it in the trash.

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    If it makes anyone feel any better, I gave muf super-webmaster access to the site and I'm not planning on taking it away. He can take backups any time he wants. Not only that, but colour_thief has a pretty good idea of where I live. One can take the site back, and the other can punch me in the face and take pictures.
  6. lol, thanks DeHacked!! :D
    Might be smart to hand pick a few other reputable persons for administration (if needed at all).
  7. Muf


    In addition to that, Lardarse has the same webmaster access and he is our "Librarian" for the Wiki. So if any single person wreaks havoc one of the others can disable said person's access and restore a backup.
  8. I'd say NO, HD is supposed to be something new and fresh, and I know I didn't sign up there expecting otherwise.

    And here's a thought, if you're worried about updating the same leaderboard on two different forums, then you should've thought about it before copying it there...
  9. I'm definitely for NOT merging anything. Personally, I don't trust the people behind harddrop.com.
    And wikia should be avoided at ALL costs. those ads are way too obtrusive for a wiki.
  10. Muf


    I've just gone there, and judging by the topics I saw most people are only casually interested in Tetris, save for a handful of TC posters and Blockbox users. I don't think that is or ever was the target demographic for TC. Our wiki says its goal is to "detail every Tetris fact known to man" and the forum has always been for people to learn and get better at the game, rather than just go "did you see that samaf guy? hes sooo fast i want to be his groupie".
  11. Was gonna post on harddrop but decided to post here. I wouldn't mind a merger, but I really don't care either way. If there's not a merger, I'll stick around here. (I'll probably still check there every once in a while though.) As cool as some of the features on harddrop are, I find a lot of them kind of useless for a Tetris community. If Harddrop is going to focus on multiplayer I'm really not interested. As much as I'd like to be awesome at multiplayer, I'm pretty terrible. And if I'm going to face even a little trash talk on blockbox every time I sign on for sucking, (and don't tell me that doesn't happpen) it's not really worth the effort to practice to me. I'll stick to sucking in TGM where no one has to know if you suck.

    Also, I'd rather not get into a new community when this established one that I've already been a part of is here. Hard Drop is certainly cool, and I respect the work that was put into it, but it has not presented enough to pull me from the nostalgia and history here.

    Edit: I also don't see much of a problem with having two different sites, as we really do focus on different things. They're multiplayer, we're single player. If I want some multiplayer action I'll certainly go there. If I want to post TGM records I'll come here. I don't think having two communities will make either one less big or active than it needs to be.

    Also to Z-Flo: You mirrored this topic on hard drop, but people there may not know this one exists, and people here might not know that one exists. I'd link them in the first post of each one so each community can see what people from the other community are saying.
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    Yeah, i also will have to say no for the merger.

    Caffeine has declared harddrop.com to be an ok site, and is sending peopel there. he'd DEFINITELY get mad about that.

    ANd he seems to have gone on record as saying " a couple of overzealous members" have made an illegitimate copycat site. (gah!)
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    hahaha holy shit fund it
  15. Well, Blink's topic is locked, so perhaps this one should be too. If Blink does not want the merge it is not happening.
  16. There's plenty of room on the internet for multiple Tetris sites. What I think should change though are the needless parrallel things. Wikia will be a complete dead end, and identical record threads are a little silly.
  17. I totally agree with this. I thought this is what should be done when I first saw HardDrop. It seemed like a perfect little idea, but I knew Blink wouldn't want it.
  18. Rosti and myself have been demodded from Hard Drop. As such, I will no longer be updating threads in the Records section of that site.
  19. This thread might as well be locked. Staff of HD have said they're not interested in a merger, and it's not like we could do it without their support.

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