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  1. So there's a lot of talk going on these days, in pretty much every community other than the actual Tetris community, about the recent drama with Arika threatening to file complaints against YouTube accounts with TGM videos that don't comply to some rules they just made up, and which as far as I can tell are only available in Japanese, if at all.

    So to all those of us who have TGM footage up there, aside from just removing the videos, what's the deal here? What can we realistically do to avoid losing our YouTube accounts by 2019?

    What I've been able to gather so far:

    - Video must be recorded from original hardware/PCB. So no emulation, no romhacks or similar.
    - Something about the #tgm_series tag??
    - Some specifics about legal stuff must be a part of the video's description. I have idea what, though.
    - As far as I can gather, a video can still be monetized as long as it complies to the rules, but non-monetized ones still have to comply anyway?

    Someone please help clearing this up. :)
  2. From what I can gather regarding the requirements (shown here), pictures/videos/ect should fulfill the following:

    • Video must be of official hardware and must be stated (Mihara says "... Please do not lie.")
    • I'm not 100% sure about the #TGM_Series tag, yet for safe measure, put it into the video/image and the description if you can.
    • In regards to the 'legal stuff', I'll pop that in the example below.
    • As far as I'm aware, all videos should adhere to the guidelines. Monetised or not.
    This video is taken of an image of the arcade board # tgm_series http: / /
    TGM series are properties of Arika Co., Ltd.
    The videos are released by following the guidlines below.
    Publisher information: (Twitter account or web site, either is ok.) (<-Your info goes here.) 
    Hopefully that covers 90% of the requirements. If someone else can chime in on the final piece(s), that'd be great!
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  3. Thanks for chiming in! I heard about the whole mess from the grapevine but it's nice to have an actual thread about it.

    I'll remove all my videos for now, none of them are super important and I already had copies of all of them locally so I could always reupload them or upload them somewhere else if needed. Though the urls will all be different, bleh.
  4. I'm going to have to make a correction here - the guidelines are not "new", they have been around since 2015. The clarification on usage for Western streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch dates to 2017, but this doesn't appear to have been mentioned at all on this forum.

    Videos can indeed be monetised as long as an appropriate disclaimer stating so is given in the description.

    Someone should do a proper translation of the page, clarifying any points people are unsure of.
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    Are these rules even enforceable in a court of law? Emulation isn't illegal and Arika has no way to prove video posters really don't own the PCB. It sounds to me like this is just legal-sounding bullying by Mihara because he wants his games only played one way.
  6. Not sure. I've taken down some videos that may have been played on emulator despite being at a time when I owned the PCBs. Emulation is legal, and having a backup of software you own is legal. Looking into it I've seen claims that the backup is only to be used if the original is damaged/destroyed, but I can't find anything concrete supporting that claim. I'd figure that _concurrent_ use of both the original and backup would not be allowed, but beyond that I'm not sure. It feels reasonable that the backup could be used in place of the original (especially to protect the condition of the original, as such in the case of optical discs etc.), but this is a bit beyond my current level of understanding.
  7. We came from a resurgence in popularity in 2015 to this TGM oblivion today. It makes me legit a bit distressed typing that.

    I probably have no business saying that, considering I didn't spend a single dime on this series, and therefore are one of their primary targets (although I have no TGM video on Youtube, so I should be fine lol) but I feel very betrayed by Arika right now. The fact that everybody fears for this oncoming mass takedown, even though some of you are passionate enough about these games to actually buy the PCBs imported from Japan, makes me feel like they are just lifting a gargantuan middle finger to everyone who ever dedicated themselves to a game they themselves made, and I can't figure out how or why this has to happen, but this makes me want to never play another TGM game again.

    I hope we'll get to know more about this situation, and certainly I pray this is some horrendous legal bullshit Arika has no control over and tried to warn us before, but I also doubt that, considering they have a track record of doing similar things before.
    Also I hope all of you are doing fine. I imagine this is much tougher for you compared to me, I'm not that big into TGM anymore :p guess I'll stay on DTET and Quadra and NES Tetris for the future.
  8. I want to point out a particular paragraph I'd like clarified in the guideline, specifically, this:

    テキストで(映像内でも可) #tgm_series というタグさえ入っていれば

    If I'm reading this correctly, the #tgm_series tag only needs to be included in the text OR the video, not necessarily both. The provided English is confusing on this point, so I would appreciate it if someone could verify my interpretation.
  9. Due to outdated copyright laws, yes. Footage of Arika's games does technically belong to Arika. Whether you made it or not. This accounts for all games that have copyright however most don't choose to pursue those who upload their games' content online as for them it's basically free advertising. Unless you have some form of contract stating you are allowed to post videos of Arika's games or your videos fall under fair-use doctrine, Arika has the right to do whatever it pleases with your videos containing more than a few seconds of their content.

    As for emulation, emulation in general is perfectly fine yet the grey area arises with the files needed to use the emulator (The ROMs and BIOS files) as at that point you're entering piracy territory. In legal standing only the distributor can be prosecuted however it doesn't stop companies from trying to press charges against both ends to scare people away. The chances of you having any consequences for such are very, very slim unless you decide to publicly announce your deeds to the world. In regards as to whether or not Arika knows if your footage is from a PCB or not, unless we get Donkey Kong-level of proof it would be pretty much impossible to tell as people's endeavors in RGB capture has reached a point where we're seeing legitimate PCBs being recorded at an emulation-level of sharpness. Though I play on the real deal to not only show support to the cause, yet also for a bit of peace of mind in the eyes of Arika's legal teams.

    Right now the amount of "legal-sounding bullying" is more to do with another company stepping too far and the fans getting caught in the crossfire. Yet still it's their game(s) and they do have these rights. We already know Mihara has a sour disliking for TGM clones and emulation yet what I'm unsure about is whether or not he knows the real reasons as to why people turn to those instead of playing legit. Though that's a topic for another time/thread.

    For safety's sake I'd put it in both. Though I'm on the same boat as you where all I have to work with is the broken translation of the statement.
  10. I don't understand how this is "outdated". In fact, it sounds exactly like the kind of stuff copyright laws exist to protect.
    I guess something that could make it easier to deal with for the future is inventing some kind of special license game developers can put on their products, ensuring people the rights to stream or upload footage from the games within some legal constrictions.
    But then again, I assume it kind of already exists, considering the PS4 has a button on the controller with the single purpose of sharing footage from video games online. So I guess whenever a PS4 game has any part that doesn't block this function (which they can), that means they legally comply to people sharing the footage?
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    The archival backup clause is specific to magnetic media, according to the courts. There is NO requirement that the backup be what's used after the original goes bad. In fact you are expected to use the backup for magnetic media to protect the original. You must keep ownership of the original media for the backup to be legit though.

    Arika's beef is with improper licensing, and emulation and clones are thrown into the same basket.

    There has generally been an accepted back door that says you can download arcade roms (and arcade roms only) for use in board repair of non bootleg arcade boards. before emulators existed, no one thought anything of arcade roms. companies would even make the roms available themselves, because they needed the original hardware to play. this is still the case for pinball.

    I also remember that originally Mihara wasn't quite so anti-clone (TGM was inspired fromТЕТРИС SEMIPRO-68k for sharp 68000, which was inspired from Sega Tetris, and he knew this darn well). before TTC forced them to police it aggressively, using monetary sanctions. At least that's how i remember it from the old posts. This caused the "clone and emulator users are enemies" mentality on his part. That said he only has a deep hatred for TGM clones. I recall he had no problem whatsoever with DTET (different scoring, grading, and rotation system). In other words, he knows the difference between a clone and an original tetromino game. :)

    Recently TTC seems a lot more willing to license tetris these days, though, including retro versions. There are goofy stand alone mini games, versions stuffed onto flashback consoles, a new 8 bit version on a hadnhel NES clone, and Tetris Plus 2 upcoming on the Legends ultimate home arcade cabinet. I hope this means TGM licensing becomes a reasonable possibility in the future. TGM and TAP quality as retro tetris games now i think.

    AS near as i can tell, any past video can be made compliant by 1) it being from an authentic board, and not of an unlicensed emulation OR CLONE. Any video of emulator or clone will get a DMCA. 2) include #tgm_series hashtag. 3) if there's room, include the full disclaimer. The sample video has it in both japanese and english. (there IS room on youtube) If there's not enough room, the hashtag is sufficient. 4) on Nico Nico Douga, link the official parent video of the game. 5) if you have monetized the video, include saying so in the long disclaimer. (e.g. "I am getting advertisement revenue with this video using the YouTube partner program.") As long as people can at least see a #tgm_series hashtag, and can view the full disclaimer when the'rs room for it, you should be in the clear.

    ALSO... From what i'm understanding Tetris Effect actually violates some of Arika's Tetris gameplay patents. (IRS and possibly TLS). Mihara wishes to make the case, and he seems to feel he cannot do this without strictly enforcing his own guidelines. (and he may even be right under Japanese law)
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  12. See also: that time he donated to the Cultris 1 server fund. Having said that I've seen posts from him dating to 2002 about how clones have been causing him problems.

    Tetris Plus 2 was only featured in a screenshot attached to the press release by a single secondary source that wasn't in the original. That isn't reliable evidence of it being included (in fact given that they just call it "Tetris" I'd bet on it being the Atari version).

    This is my understanding as well. I still would like verification from a Japanese speaker if possible.

    As far as I can tell the IRS patent was never registered and thus never took effect, and would be expired anyway (since it's been over 20 years after it was filed).
  13. I was recently able to find the TGM mechanics patent application because Mihara tweeted about the filing numbers; we were previously unable to find it on the USPTO, however it's available on the (unfortunately unstable and sometimes unavailable) Japanese patent office lookup -- search for the applicant "Arika:KK" and look at the gaming related ones. It was filed in May 1998, so my understanding is it would have expired this year.

    He also tweeted that Zone looked like TGM4's "ピキィー" mechanic. Although, unless it was present in the 2009 location test, -- it was alluded to in the 2015 loctest but I believe it was not reached -- I'd say this "lines sent to bottom" mechanic first appeared in Tetris Monsters.
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    Yes, that mechanic DID exist in the 2009 version. except that it was forced on for a while instead of something you could turn on. it was a haze of fog instead of the ice, but it DID exist.

    (the mechanic he's talking about is the "lines don't clear until mode ends")


    Tetris Monster=2013

    Mihara was first. :)

    TTC not letting him release worldwide.

    other companies stealing his ideas.

    and people cloning his games too.

    little wonder he's so bitter about this. :(

    I still say they could just make an all in one version that accurately replicates all modes from tgm1 to tgm4, add online leaderboards and replay storing, have proper controller and keyboard support on all platforms, and i'd buy it for full new game retail. Maybe add a few intermediate difficulty modes, and slap in some interactive tutorials to help ease people in.
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    • Scanner: Clear specified number of lines before running out of time. Full lines are not cleared until scanner is activated every 15 seconds.
    Tetris Pop=2008


    EA was first :)
  16. Zaphod77

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    good eye.

    i have not played that game, and was unaware of that mode. He still has a point on IRS though, which is probably why it got removed from Tetris friends. and oh look, as soon as it expires, it ends up in Tetris Effect.

    While i'm not claiming he's perfect, he really hasn't gotten a fair shake from the rights holders in my opinion.

    The reason we never got tgm1 for psx is because other psx games existed for tetris

    I read somewhere that it was canceled because BPS wanted to release The Next Tetris. This statement seems consistent with that one.
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    IRS behaviour was changed in Tetris Friends? I always played with IRS off (caused some misdrops in contrast to IHS). So I can't tell, if there's a difference or not. I made a quick test in Tetris Friends and that's the current behaviour:

    I have a line clear prepared, I release all keys, press hard drop and shortly afterwards press rotation/hold (during line clear delay). In that scenario the next piece is rotated/held, if and only if IRS or IHS are enabled. If I press down rotation/hold key before hard drop and keep it pressed, then the next piece is never rotated/held - no matter which option I choose.

    With IRS and IHS activated, it's the desired behaviour for me. I only tap the rotation/hold key. I never keep pressing to rotate/hold 2 pieces. On the other hand, I keep pressing left/right, if I want to move 2 consecutive pieces in the same direction (DAS preservation).

    Note that the current behaviour in Tetris Friends is different from TGM - there you can rotate 2 pieces with one rotation keystroke (pressing down rotation before the locking of a piece). So, Tetris Friends doesn't infringe the patent (anymore).
  18. Zaphod77

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    it's very difficult to tell in guideline if IRS is in effect unless you are playing 20g.

    usually it will just rotate off screen. with true IRS, it actually will spawn at the lowest point, pre-rotated.

    i distinctly remember that at one time we did have true IRS, but then it got removed for some strange reason.

    True IRS can avoid a block out (a block out is when a piece spawns overlapping another piece).

    Setting up a situation in Guideline play where that can be tested is not trivial
  19. Muf


    That's a top-out. Block Out is a 3 dimensional version of Tetris. I bet next you're going to tell me that tetrominoes are called tetriminos. I see you, TTC spy.
  20. Zaphod77

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    Top out is the generic term for loss of tetris single player game.

    I had to use the specific term for a piece spawning overlapping a block.

    as distinguished from a "lock out" where, piece locks above the visible area.

    In most Guideline games since tetris worlds at least, both are possible, and IRS would only help with the former.

    A lock out is not possible in TGM and TAP at all, since pieces spawn in rows 19-20 always. In TI you can actually lock down an I piece above the playfield by use of it's floorkick. this does NOT end the game. To test this, place an L block so it is 180 flipped from initial orientation, at the top of the field, in columns 7-9, with the point in column 9. you can then DAS an I piece to the right, and quickly rotate it twice. it will lock in line 21, and NOT end the game. (it took me 10 tries or so to test this).

    But Guideline games distinguish between the two, so i had to use the term, to accurately describe what I was saying. My apologies.

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