Best PC arcade joystick for TGM3?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by CodeCafe, 25 Jun 2011.

  1. Hey there,

    Can anyone here recommend the best arcade joystick for TGM3 on the PC? I hear Hori is a reputable brand, but I'm not sure how well it plays with the TTX loader
  2. K


    in the end there are so much topic about it, than entry in the wiki would be welcomed :D
  3. SYN7HOR

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    I've used both EX 2 and Fighting stick 3 from Hori. They both work perfectly.
  4. Well, not "perfectly". Neither of those have a switchable 4/8 way restrictor on their joysticks. To play well, you really need a stick that has the option of switching the restrictor to 4-way to prevent accidental misdrops/mislocks. The Hori Real Arcade Pro series, Madcatz Fight Stick Tournament Edition, and any stick with a Sanwa JLF inside of it all satisfy this condition.
  5. Yeah, EX2 and FS3 are only satisfactory if you're willing to do a $5 mod to replace the stock restrictor with a 4-/8-way switching gate from a JLF.

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