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Thread in 'Other games' started by K, 1 Jul 2007.

  1. K


    I've discovered a boardgame today : blockus

    Wiki how to play

    i've only played the 2 player version but it is very good and addictive.

    Maybe you can try the online version of the official web site but too buggy for me (java applet is not responding).

    I will definitively buy the game for the meeting [​IMG]

    go and try it ! [​IMG]
  2. I actually have a copy of the "travel" version that they made, although I think that the nature of the components make it entirely inappropriate for travel. However, it still makes it a good game. I did get at least one comment from an on-looker that to be good at this game you'd have to spend "too much tim playing tetris", which made me smile...

    Next time I play on brown tables, though, I let the other person be purple. The orange is damn hard to see for some people...
  3. K


    the game was presented to me by a friend's parents, and totally unrelated to a tetris discussion. Just as a good mind game without random dice factor.
  4. I played a little bit of this a few years ago. It certainly kicks the ass of the Tetris board game (which I own and have played with 4 people... it's terrible).
  5. i used to be pretty deadly at this.

    edit: woah, ct's the first over 1000 posts.

    also jago, if i remember right, some of the top competitors were from france.
  6. K


    it seems to be french game. [​IMG]

    Irem (of R-Type fame) has a PS2 and PSP version of the game, with characters from their little-known game Bumpy Trot. Japan only IIRC?

    It would be nice to have a version of the game for downloadable services though, like XBLA, Steam, PS Network or WiiWare.
  8. I heard of the PSP version but never heard of a "release"
  9. I've got a crazy idea: We could play a few "PBeM" games of it, using the wiki to store the current board position.

    Who's up for a game?
  10. K


    ok for me !

    but we have to consider the shape ! onto the board for clear visibility ! [​IMG]
  11. K


    interesting but playing alone is quite boring...

    did someone succedeed to play on the official online version at ?
  12. I played a couple rounds against AI and one against actual human players. Blokus Duo is really fast paced because of the close starting positions. The four player version requires a lot more foresight to avoid being blocked. Both are quite fun. I believe there was another 4 player edition but I can't remember what it was. Team play perhaps?

    PS: Hi, I'm new here. I play TGM (S3) and TAP (1). Tetris Concept has been a great resource (especially for writing my shoddy TGM/TAP clone on the GBA :V). So, hello!
  13. yes! welcome! please tell us more about your tgm clone!

    website ?
  14. I have tried the PSP version of the game, there's a free downloadable demo available somewhere.

  15. I'd like to polish it up a little bit before releasing it into the wild, but I'll make a new thread dedicated to it when the time comes. Right now it plays something like a mashup between TGM and TAP. Imagine playing TGM with lower frame values for ARE and DAS and the addition of instant drop and you probably have a good idea of what it is like. I'll go either one way or another with it in the future, but right now it is somewhere in the middle. [​IMG]
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    There's always posting a video on youtube [​IMG] And of course, welcome to the board; the sort of intro you gave is always a good one.

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