Classic Tetris European Championship 13-14 March 2015

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  1. However, the SNES contest will be purely VS-mode as far as I know, in order to differentiate it more from the NES contest and ensure shorter games.

    I've only heard of two other Americans planning on going, and AFAIK one of the organizers, Chriss, is expecting he'll have to accomodate them, so maybe it's worth checking if you already have a deal that you might have overlooked? :) Of course, I won't speak on behalf of others, so I don't know how many he has room for.

    I live in Copenhagen, with public transportation that's around 30 minutes from the venue.
  2. fuck yeah! i am a totally sociable guy that is fine sleeping on a mattress in a foreign living room.
    also, i am traveling with those guys. they mentioned possible accommodations to me but didn't guarantee anything. i will PM you ASAP.
  3. as far as the SNES competition goes... we will start plotting and planning this week. we are new to SNES but fuck it- we come to win.
  4. I bought my tickets today. But I'd like to know if you have any sort of schedule to know when the venue closes for the night or how long into the night the games will go on? I live pretty close to Copenhagen, about an hour and a half with train. So I figured I could travel back home over the night, and then back again in the morning. It's about 500 SEK cheaper than the cheapest room in Wittrum motel for two nights. But the last train back home leaves Copenhagen at 22:52. So if the games would still be going on then that might not be such a good option..

    If anyone would like to share room cost that could be a good option too. Since it's two beds in one room.
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  5. I would like to second what Burbruee said, I'm still unsure as to what I could do since the plane tickets I want to take are either incompatible with work or possibly the event itself. I've explored the different plannings but I haven't found when it starts, so don't hesitate to give some input :)

    EDIT : Nevermind, actually found it
  6. Muf



    Capture setup works!
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  7. There's gonna be party all night. But if you live in Malmö, I do believe trains are leaving most of the night? I've traveled home from Malmö many times, drunk in the middle of the night, or early morning :D At least Saturday you should stay late, and get the most out of your visit, though I can understand if you want to be up early after Friday.

    Event schedule is here:

    @Qlex: So are you coming? I'd really love to have at least one or two TGM masters here, otherwise I feel the arcade would be neglected. ;) Can't wait to show off some of the stuff that can be done with this game to the Danish crowd, and personally I still haven't gone past S2 (though I've been skipping my training for the past month, I gotta admit..)
  8. i will see you gents in a few days. I leave in the morning and cant wait to conquer europe! will
  9. Yup, I bought my tickets, I should be there on Saturday morning! Any sooner was unfortunately impossible because of work, but hopefully we'll have a lot of fun ;)
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  10. TAP competition is pretty early, so as long as you're in good time, it's as good as yours :p
    Picked up Muf earlier today, and got to witness Jani destroy some PALtris later on.
    Looking forward to having a blast with you all.
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  11. fuck denmark, and fuck linus. :)
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  13. You raise a number of issues that demand immediate attention. After carefully considering your analysis, I am only left siding in the affirmative. Well said, sir.
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  15. We did have a lot of back to forth discussions about whether to start at level 18 in the bracket matches. It would definitely have made the games faster. Maybe something to consider for next year?
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  17. Thanks for a fun event and congrats to the winners! Fun meeting some TC:ers too. :)
    Now I am hyped on NES Tetris and want to buy it to practice and be able to compete next year. :D
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  18. Ya great event, thanks for organizing this Sumez, it was really fun! And I'm sure I will get more into NES tetris because of it and for sure will practice it if the event happens again next year (which I really hope)
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  19. Yup, as everyone has said, amazing event, hopefully we get something like this again in the future. I can't express how happy I was that there was such a nice and warm event. Thanks to everyone who contributed and gave it their all. The NES tournament was an amazing watch by the way :D

    The only thing left for me is to practice to a point where I don't resent playing NEStris anymore... It will be a milestone :)
  20. Yeah, I was never a fan of NES Tetris until recently. It's never been a popular version in Denmark, but I think this event is really pushing it. Last year (when it was just people from Denmark) I went into some NES training, which was also the first time I really tried playing Tetris competitively, and going for a high score with a focus on making tetrises. It was a game changer for me, and had me start caring more about Tetris, even though I missed the responsive and intuitive controls from TGM.

    NEStris is just a brutal game, requiring you to master crazy tricks in order to fully control the DAS, and the evil RNG of it requires a near perfect stacking strategy at all times, and keeping a funnel for skimming is critical. It is much more a game of risk vs. reward than newer versions of Tetris.

    Like Qlex says, the NES tournament was obviously the highlight of the event, due to some incredibly skilled players that were able to keep everyone on the edge of their seat. Jani going "super saiyan" in that one game against Linus was just an amazing highlight of Tetris in general. (thanks @Burbruee for that video!)

    On a personal note, I was happy to introduce TGM to a lot of NES players. Almost everyone loved it, and as the event progressed, I saw more and more new people return to the cabinet for more games. I think if you have a love for Tetris, you should be able to appreciate both games for what they do, and it feels great to see them side by side in an event like this.
    My only regret is that we were not able to showcase just how amazing the game can look. The last minute decision to use itemless vs-mode of course made for a way more exciting competition (rather than Qlex just decimating everyone), but being able to show off a great single player game "on stage" would definitely have raised a lot more attention to what this game really is . Vs-mode "just" seemed like a more fast paced version of the SNES competition the day before.
    I originally hadn't planned for the TGM contest to be a part of the main event though, so it did of course go beyond my expectations.
    Either way, I hope we will have a lot more great TGM players next year, both existing players but also new players who just discovered the game this weekend.
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