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    *NOTE*: I did spend on time researching on this subject, so please don't be claiming you made this list or at least give me some credit by linking to the site found below, thanks. Also if you have any info I'm missing, email, pm or contact me via one of my IM's and I'll add it to the site.

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    Excuse me for asking but what does this have to do with tetris?
  3. Not to be rude, but there isn't even a Tetris game for the PSP. This information isn't Tetris related or even particularly interesting to people who like Tetris.

    ...And this is your first post. Seriously, you've come accross as a spambot. [​IMG] If you weren't aware, it's general netiquette to not plug your own stuff with your first post somewhere, unless a strong interest is expected.
  4. Yeah, I wonder why that is.. there's Tetris for everything, several of them in most cases.
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    Might Nintendo be paying Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood extra to shut out the PSP so that Tetris DS can sell more DS hardware?

    Tetris begot Klax (see the history of Atari Games in the 1990s), which begot the whole 3/4-in-a-row subgenre such as Columns and Dr. Mario, which begot Puyo Pop, which begot Lumines. And Lumines still uses tetrominoes.

  6. Heh. You skipped like a million worthwhile puzzle games with that final leap.
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    I skipped them for a reason, because I see Lumines as drawing more from Puyo than from the million others.

    1. Tetris: Falling stuff must be sorted in some way to clear rows of stuff.
    2. Klax: Sorting shall be by color and need not cross the entire playfield.
    3. Columns: Combine Tetris shifting with Klax color rules.
    4. Dr. Mario: Combine Columns with Tetris rotation (with smaller pieces).
    5. Puyo: Break apart dominoes when they land, and change the rule of Dr. Mario to four touching.
    6. Lumines: Back to O tetrominoes. Overlapping single-color 2x2 tile squares are cleared, which represents a compromise between the formation based sorting of Klax, Columns, and Dr. M with the mass based sorting of Puyo. The columns of the playfield are cleared in sequence.
  8. Rez, for timing quantization of input response sounds.

    OTOH not Puyo for lack of versus-centric design, lack of garbage, lack of garbage countering. Also, Lumines allows both Rube Goldberg-style (Puyo/Dr.M/Cascade) chains and delayed (Devil Dice/Puzzle League) chains, but in actual gameplay the latter is used far more often, due to the slow rate at which pieces clear.
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    Which annoyed me. To me, audio lag feels like playing on a bad emulator.

    In that case, Fantavision for the dividing line between players and the goal to push the dividing line to the other side.

  10. You can't call it audio lag... The shooting happened to the beat as well as the music so the events were synchronous. You could move smoothly and continuously, it's just someting that had to be coupled with the beat by design. And when you're into the game, you really feel the rhythm and start to time your shooting to it. Your maximum x8 locking takes 2 beats, for example, and you'll let go and depress the shoot buttong on every second beat.

    And Fantavision is a steaming pile of tech demo and nothing more.
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    (Clarification: The above applies to Lumines. I never played Rez.)

    That might be true of Rez, but in Lumines, the delay on the sideways and rotation sounds felt like lag.
  12. So piece movement/rotation hapens instantly with a delayed sound effect? Or are both delayed? Either way, it sounds a bit dodgy to do that for those actions but honestly I'm yet to play Lumines so I won't blast the game.
  13. Sorry for the 3 month necro, but this discussion just got referenced in another thread.

    If I remember correctly, (and I haven't played it in a while), the game's sound efects don't suffer from sound lag, justdistractingly long attack phases. Or to put it another way, the main "impact" noise of the sample is some time after the start of the sound effect.

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