DataPath VisionRGB-E1S Config (Muf?)

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  1. Hi all,

    I am testing the DataPath VisionRGB card on TGM1 and getting weird results with the driver in Windows 10. I can only get a pixel-perfect rendering if I am both using the DataPath Vision program AND I have the Vision Window positioned so that part of it is outside of my display monitor. The latter criterion seems nuts to me. But sure enough, if I drag the Vision window, it will be very blurry until it gets cut off by the side of the screen, and then it is clear. It has nothing to be with aspect ratio; I can make it any weird rectangle other than 4:3 and when the window goes off-screen, the clarity is quite pronounced.

    EDIT: I had some screenshots here, but there weren't helpful and I decided to replace them with videos below and a little more discussion.

    Datapath Vision Properties - Default (Notice the resolution isn't quite 320x240)


    Datapath Vision Properties - Improved Settings

    The following configuration is pretty close, but there is something still off with the timing. If I move the phase between 0 and 31 on the cross hatch screen, the range of vertical lines that are "in phase" is only about a third of the screen. Notice also that the vertical refresh is not 59.840 as Muf suggested here.

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  2. I want to show you some footage with the defect--

    You may have to give YouTube a few seconds after pressing play to use the right video quality, and make sure you choose the top video quality.
    1. Here's the best results I've gotten so far, and I have to use the weird approach of opening the DataPath Vision program with the settings above, and drag it slightly off-screen. Then in OBS, push the recording resolution up around 1024x768 and do a record of the window. It's very odd.
    2. Here's what it looks like using the Open Broadcaster Software's built in Video Capture Device element. It looks terrible and unlike above, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I found, and tried, Muf's OBS plugin on the OBS download forums (by the way, Muf--that kicks hella ass that you made this, nice work man) as well, with no different results.
    I also tried using OBS MultiPlatform with it's default Video Capture Device and the colors are completely wrong. I'm not sure why that is.

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  3. I had a similar problem when I first got my VisionRGB card. You can see first it's blurry then I drag/hold and resize the capture window and it's all nice and sharp while I hold it.

    Basically what you need to do is not alter the input in any way. So if the game outputs 320x240 you want to have the window size be 320x240. So go to Vision window tab and set window size to 320x240, and tick exclude borders. Yes, this is very tiny and hard to see on a modern monitor, so what I do is i set up a window capture of the vision window in OBS (don't forget to enable point filtering)
    Do not use video capture, you want to use window capture.
    OBS could be set to 3x the input resolution and with point filtering it will still look sharp and nice. For example set it to 960x720. Normally I stream at 1280x720 so first I would set OBS to output 960x720 then add the window capture and fill the scene. (CTRL+F in edit mode) Then stop the preview and set it to 1280x720. Don't touch the OBS window capture source after this.

    NOTE: Use the old OBS, not OBS-studio because point filtering doesn't exist in obs-studio and you will have a blurry picture and it will look bad!
    The only way I found to use obs-studio is to have the setup mentioned above with old-OBS and then have OBS-studio window-capture old-OBS (preview in old-OBS set to 1:1) if you want to take advantage over some obs-studio features such as separate audio tracks or local recording at higher bitrate than your streaming bitrate.

    Also you want to go into vision window tab and set capture format to 8-8-8.

    So make sure the window is set up to the size of the game. Here I am using my Mega Drive in 60 Hz mode so it would be 320x224. And the capture format is 8-8-8.

    And here I crop it to 320x224 and cut off 21 pixels from the top with a vertical position of 12 and it will fit vertically. And a horizontal size of 428 and position of 87 will fit the frame horizontally. Again right now I have my Mega Drive hooked up so it would be different for TGM of course.
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  4. Thanks for the tips, Burbruee. I tried it out and it works fine in OBS 0.6.

    FYI, the first video I posted was acquired from the new version of OBS. If you raise the resolution of the DataPath Vision window AND put it slightly off the screen (say, choose position Top: -1, Left: -1), OBS MultiPlatform doesn't need point filtering to have a good image.

    Seems unfortunate that the software can't acquire directly from the DataPath capture driver, but I'm okay with that!


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