Records: DEATH TOLL 2011

Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 25 Mar 2011.

  1. man, I understand you.
    Two weeks ago, I had an average rating of 40% M ranks.
    Then, I saw kevin beat amnesia on tgm1 on facebook and played it a couple of days.
    First day of carnival, played 8 hours, got 5 M hahaha
  2. mat


    the best i was able to muster this week was 660 in texmaster. someday, gm... someday....
  3. Key


    My best record during the carnival was 407 @ 3:19:80 with copper SK and ST earned at level 100. Forgot to take screenshot ><
    Done on MAME with keyboard.

    Edit: Oops, looks like the recording process ended.
  4. K


    m best was 839 in 5:29:10
  5. Ai


    Thank you for participating everyone! The T.A. DEATH leaderboard has been updated. Let me know if you find any mistakes.

    It's really hard to be at your best when you want. With the amount of time I played I should really have done better. Now it feels like that m I got a while ago was a fluke. ^^;

    This concludes this year's Carnival. The amount of participants was about the same as last year and more importantly we managed to do better than last year. Again a big thank you for everyone's efforts! EXCELLENT! but... let's go better next time!! ^^
  6. SWR


    I am slow
    417---3:41.45 (Nullpo)
    Yes this was during the carnival, but if you look at the carnival of death thread, you'll see what it took so long to post.
    Also, I played on Nullpo 7.2.0 instead of 7.5.0 as there is no input lag on the former. I played on a USB xbox 360 controller.

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