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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Muf, 13 May 2022.

  1. Muf


    I just came back from talking to the Plug in City event manager and we're on to have another meeting this year!

    To start off, which month would suit people best, September, October or November? Once we have a month picked we can narrow it down to a specific weekend. The meeting itself will of course again run from Thursday to (and including) Sunday.
  2. Glad to hear it!
    I don't have a preference regarding the month, they all work for me.
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  3. My preference is October but I'm generally flexible.
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  4. I already booked my holiday, so September would be my best bet. Also depends on how my scheduling at work is going to be if it's not that.
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  5. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    My plans are a bit unclear so far. September would probably be easiest for me, but I'm planning on attending in either case.
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  6. Great news!
    I should be available at any point, although the earlier it is the best for me :)
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  7. I'm trying properly this year and bringing my fiancé, we'll probably be out and about doing other stuff as well though. No date preference really
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  8. I’m not available on the first week of November, any other time is Ok.
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  9. For me and Katharina each month has some unavailable dates already (work and holiday trips). So this when we are totally unavailable:

    All other weekends still look good so far, but in general we likely would only arrive on friday late evening. Exception to this is 18.-20.11. as we already took off from work those dates and have really short travel time.

    If its on a date we can make it, we need a place to sleep for two nights so please let us know if the usual rooms close by can be a part of the deal again.
  10. September would be ideal for me, October would okay, November wouldn't work sadly.
  11. Muf


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  12. Date preference: 19th September until 13th November.

    Early September I want to keep off because of other meetup plans and beyond mid-November the shop will be getting increasingly busy so from then on I'd want to focus my full attention on that.

    Edit: I am late and didn't notice September was already picked lmao.
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  13. Alright. Had a look at the dates in the work diary and the entirety of September is free right now. Would like to travel with @Starfall Though it's not mandatory.

    Would it be possible to lock in a date soon-ish though? Mostly so I can get those weeks before anyone else does yet also because I'm planning other event around a similar time and want to know what dates I need to go around.
  14. Same for me, the sooner I know the better chance we can visit. Especially if its happening that early this time.
  15. Update: Due to other tournament plans I'm having to mark Sept 8-11 off limits.
  16. Yeah, to be honest I'd also appreciate if we could get a decision on the final date sooner rather than later. It makes planning my trips a bit easier (and potentially cheaper!).
  17. Muf


    Venue is booked for 15-18 September!
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  18. Muf


    FB event is up!

  19. Damn, I was really set on finally going this year, but 2 days is a bit too short of a notice for me to find out :( :( :(
  20. If you arrive on friday, you have 3 days for planning left :p

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