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Thread in 'Competition' started by wasmachstdugern, 19 Jun 2015.

  1. Here's my submission from last night's stream:

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  2. Another wacky one

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  3. This just happened tonight...one misdrop, clearing it up, another misdrop, almost cleared it, but surprise, misdrop again, followed by L-spin and save!
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  4. Ouch, that T piece placement was as unfortunate as they get! Nice save though.
    Just proves how important it is to have an overview of the entirety of each row when you're downstacking or trying to skim your stack
  5. I don't know if this one qualifies, but I thought my overhang cleanup in this was pretty epic.

  6. i am still amazed at all the tucks and spins you guys can pull off!
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  7. Muf


    Well, we have wallkicks and lock delay to help us. I did a really neat twist the other day that was completely pointless as I could've filled the gap with a two-piece tuck (that was in my piece sequence), but I spazzed out and ended up accidentally kicking the J in the overhang solving it in one go.
  8. It's not a 2/3-frame trick like on NES :) Even on its fastest, Master mode still gives you 17 frames to tuck your piece into any place with room for it.

    Unlike NES, though, these moves are a requirement for stacking effectively on the highest speeds
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  9. i spent some time watching videos today... this shit is crazy. i had a hard time even envisioning what was possible with each piece. you can manipulate them myriad ways! i may just start putting some energy into this game... and hopefully conquer it. :) (or not)
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  10. I would love to see that. :) Even though there tends to be a clear cut line between NES and TGM players, I've yet to see any fan of Tetris play TGM and not have fun with it. They are very different takes on the concept each with their own strong merits, and I would love to see a much bigger cross-over.
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  11. The best part is when you start to understand the game enough to misdrop, think 0,25 seconds and do a crazy move to finally place the piece correctly :)
    Which usually ends in you shouting "wow !!! nice move" > misdrop x 3 > game over :p
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  12. That game could have ended way earlier...
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  13. I'd say pretty much any death game that gets you a RE medal is a great save. So little room for error.
  14. Is this any good?

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  15. Ok, this recovery starts at level 170 and extends on for another 100 levels with multiple recoveries at the top row. Pretty good.
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  16. That's the insane luck I'm always hoping for when I find myself in that situation :3 I see you're making a lot of the same "mistakes" I tend to do, I'm sure it's too be expected when you're that pressed, and not a cool headed Tetris Mastuh. In fact, it's almost scary how much that game looks like it could have been one of mine. :) Still struggling to get much over the 320-330 range.

  17. qlex did this shit last night
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  18. I've been meaning to ask... What's "DHQ"? I need to know, cause it's permanently stuck on my TAP board now :p
  19. Double Handed Qlex
    he didn't want QLX or something
  20. That was something, watch from 1:06 to 1:36

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