First NorCal Meet - Sept. 5th, 2009

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    We're planning a Tetris meet up on Saturday September 5th at San Jos State University. Details are still being sorted, so keep an eye on the Facebook page or this thread for updates. We'll probably have things set up in the student union by the bowling center/arcade, but I'll let everyone know if that changes.

    Expect Tetris Grand Master 1 arcade board with sticks and a laptop for Texmaster and the like. :]
  2. I will be bringing my own laptop, for Tex, TAP, Hebo, and Blockbox (assuming the wireless at wherever we're at isn't ass).
  3. The student union has the same wifi setup as the other buildings. (Just so anyone else reading this knows, that means you need a school ID number to log in.)
  4. Crossposting this here where people might actually be interested, haha.
  5. yo what's good over here at TC. meeting is this saturday, hope to see some of you guys.

    if y'all don't know it's going to be at the student union so basically whatever we plan on doing we have to bring everything ourselves. I'll be bringing my DS, keyboard and stick.

    kitaru will be bringing his super gun, laptop and arcade sticks so that's like TGM on the super gun and emulators, BB, TF, TOJ and what not on the lap top. I was hoping we could have some multiplayer action that's better than TDS so hoping kitaru can bring his 360 so we can play splash. He's already bringing one tv so bringing another for the 360 would be a very big hassle.

    Since I'm driving I could probably bring my monitor or a tv for the 360 if he brings it. I would love to get in some good multiplayer. If someone has a laptop we could do like multiplayer BB or something. I think that'd be pretty fun. maybe like a little tourney or something. kitaru has blokus too, I'd love to play that if people wanted but again kitaru is already bring a lot so if anybody has something that would be of interest please don't hesitate to mention it!
  6. one more day, get hype! play tetris! meet new people! get some warm san jose sun! walk the beautiful campus of san jose state! see digi's face!

    SJSU campus map if you need it:

    we'll be in the student union.

    Norcal tetris meet 09! history will be made, where will you be?!
  7. I'll be bringing my DS too, but only because I usually carry it in my laptop. I hocked off TDS months ago.
  8. I'll be there, though probably only for a couple of hours as I've got other stuff I need to run off and do. I may probably (?) have my laptop and my super-pretty hello kitty sanwa stick. I'll be ready to run circles around you all in utypomino, HA! =P
  9. I have it on good word that Kitaru will be playing a very special mode at this meeting :sowsuser: You all get to see a beta of the hardest mode ever in the history of tetris.

    Well, that is, until TGM4 comes out...
  10. harder than one handed invisible 20G big mode secret grade?
  11. Or Heboris's OOBAKA missions?
  12. anybody bringing a camera? I could get one but I'd have to take the long way and goto gilroy to pick it up from my sister.
  13. I can't make it. Family has got plans for the weekend. Happy stacking though!
  14. omw, be there in ~1 hour
  15. eyyy, great meetup guys, bummer that I had to leave early, but was still a good time. Where can I contact miki? I wanna see her Sanrio stuff~ xD
  16. thanks to kitaru for hosting, I had a good time and I hope we get to do it again. I'm going to try to make it out to arcademanias in SVGL now that they're going back to the regular hours so maybe I might be running into some of you guys there.
  17. Speaking of SVGL, I think we should start a petition to get them to put in a Tetris Grand Master board. TGM1 Item Versus at the meet was pretty hilariously entertaining. It'd be cool to have a place for people in the area to go hang out and play.

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