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  1. Forum Fumen Game is a turn based Tetris game that is played in form of forum posts.

    The rules are simple.
    All players play in the same matrix.
    You place one piece, then you choose the next piece.
    The next player must place the piece you chose, then they choose another piece for the next player.
    The same piece cannot be chosen twice in a row.
    You cannot post multiple posts in a row.
    The objective of the game is to build the target pattern.

    The target is a simple 10 line secret grade pattern. Ill do a more complicated one next time if this one is too easy.

    Valid moves: Any placement that is reachable using the fumen quiz feature is a valid move. Since fumen supports both ARS and SRS this means you can take advantage of either rotation system, or even a combination both if necessary. If a target requires specific colors, you can use both ARS and SRS piece colors to help accomplish this. edit: I just realized the colors of existing blocks in the matrix change when you switch between ARS and SRS mode.

    fumen guide:

    Try not to tell people where you intend the next piece to go, as that defeats the purpose of the game. The fun part of this game is to see if the next player will place the piece where you wanted it to go and whether or not their choice of next piece makes sense to you.

    Ill start.

    Next piece: L
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  2. Okay, I'll have a go with this then.

    Next piece: O
    Edit: I don't know how to paste fumen onto forums. Halp. Nevermind. fixed it.

  3. Next piece: Z

  4. Next piece: I

  5. Next piece: L

    We sure were lucky with this misdrop, especially with only one piece preview!
  6. kek

    Next Piece: S

  7. Next piece: L

  8. Next Piece: T

    Halp. Something is not right... Fixed now, thanks Muf!
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  9. Muf


    Fumen embeds are broken on https. I'll fix it soon, mean time you can hop onto plebeian regular unencrypted http. Fixed.

    EDIT: Oh, I just realised that wasn't what you were referencing. When embedding fumens, make sure the fumen code starts with "m".
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  10. Seems no-one wants to place the T. It's an easy clear though.

    Next piece: J

  11. Next piece: S
  12. Is no-one going to place another piece? Guess I gotta continue again.
  13. The randomizer was being a bit too kind to us, so lets do a slightly harder one this time.

    Next piece: O
  14. Im really bad at this kind of stuff, so I hope I dont screw us...

    Next piece: I

  15. Next: O
  16. Too bad there's no good place to put the O without messing the secret grade up a bit/leaving a possibly bad overhang.

    Next Piece: S

  17. Next piece: T

  18. Next Piece: J
  19. Nah mate. That piece is too easy.

    Next piece: Z
  20. Why so serious?

    Next piece: L
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