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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Edo, 22 Jan 2008.

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    In case you've not noticed, there's a fairly heated discussion in progress in the strategy subsection thread. I'm just taking the initiative here and trying to inject a little organization. This will probably take some time, so please don't post here until I'm done.

    EDIT: just indexed a few more threads, I'm working through systematically in reverse chronological order, so a lot of these threads are going to be really old. Ultimately, when this thing nears completion, I'll hope to give some indication which threads are really ancient and so on, and possibly provide an alternative description for cases where the original thread title wasn't helpful.

    EDIT (6th March): started to index the records threads, mainly for Amnesia's benefit. I've finished all the TGM series boards, and started on the Heboris ones. Perhaps when this thing is finally finished, the records sub-forum will become unnecessary, and we can revert to just having the one forum (which I'm sure will make caffeine happy).


    Tetris DS

    Tetris DS Tournament (Cash Prize)

    So my GF got her TDS signed by Alexey Pajitnov...

    Tetris Cup challenge

    how do you counter someone who tspins nonstop on tetris ds?

    Your tetris DS guide

    [ Poll ] How often do you play TDS wifi?

    ran into TGM-Cheat... CRAZY!

    Tetris DS rating collection

    I can't get T-Spins to work >_<

    TDS Tourney?

    some thoughts on t-spins.

    Warming up?

    So has wi-fi Tetris dashed your dreams?

    Irritating Things On Tetris Wi-Fi

    [ Poll ] Weapons

    [ Poll ] Favorite New Mode

    TDS systems guide

    Top Players...

    *Mr. J* ?? wtf.

    Video of the Tetris DS "I" block cheater

    I've figured out my biggest problem.



    There are no t-spins in Tetris DS Push mode?

    Knockout Tetris Garbage

    Japanese Players, ahoy!

    What Would You Change In Tetris DS?

    The Nintendo Tetris Hub (and leaderboard) seems to be fixed.

    I finally played Arika on Tetris DS.

    TDS and TGM gameplay difference ?

    Regarding the Tetris DS ranking sheet


    Tetris Catch Videos?

    So why was Tetris DS was released in the US before Japan?

    Haha... I just set up a T-spin triple by accident.

    Who plays Tetris DS WiFi?

    tetris ds updates

    Updated friend codes.

    another cheater? gigolo? EDIT: AND PAUSE

    *POWER OFF*= Loss, but how?

    TDS 4-player

    WTF? Major Disconnection Problems


    edit: i'll keep reposting this when friend games happen

    I regret to inform you all...

    Biggest Loser Ever?

    [ Poll ] TDS WiFi: Wireless router or USB connector?

    i hate poor pussy sore ass losers

    another tetris problem

    my wireless router sucks?

    Second Place Syndrome

    Just for the record: a note on TC players


    Hey guys

    T-spins with z's and s'??

    Insane Japanese Tetris DS scores

    Help with adding T-spins to strategy

    TDS Rating fluctuation

    Endless mode has decided first place on Cyberscore

    Woah woah woah-- hacker intervention time?

    How do you play choose opponents in wifi?

    TDS top players

    Tetris DS Challenge- not for the faint of heart!

    Catch Max Detonation Surface Area - 98

    Add one more to the cheaters list

    My personal opinion of Tetris DS

    I have disappeared from the gaming hub!

    What would happen if you cleared all the blocks in Push?

    I was bored

    [ Poll ] What tds mode do you play most?

    Tetris DS Catch strategy?

    Tetris Splash

    Write In 'Tetris Splash' for Microsofts XBLA Awards

    For you Xbox 360 owners - Tetris Splash on XBLA.. now

    Tetris Splash Tournament


    TAP TAS?

    How come I suck so much at Death?

    The real TGM wallkick rule.

    The m-Roll true conditions!

    TGM 10 years! I celebrate this with a custom arcade machine!

    TGM2:TAP, TGM2:TA and TGM mame cheats

    Tetris The Grandmaster Game Controller plugin for ZiNC /LOst

    DEATH curves evolution of 8 cobayes

    The illusion of DEATH mode : the sad reality...

    TAP Medals/Awards

    Examples of TAP evolution


    Frame Speeds for ARE, DAS and Lock Delay

    A TGM Follower.

    What Would You Change In Tetris Grand Master 2?

    TDS and TGM gameplay difference ?

    TGM series WIKI pages

    Audible next piece

    another new arika video (tgm3)

    Help me get started with TGM

    Congratulation you are GrandMaster


    Is this stick any good?

    Attention : The danger of the 4-way stick

    Arcade Stick Advice

    How to mod your VSHG 8 way stick into a 4 way one

    Arcade joysticks


    [Request] Linux MAME binaries

    TGM2:TAP, TGM2:TA and TGM mame cheats

    tgm2+ emulation tweak guide?

    Tetris Recording and Videos

    Recording a Tetris game?

    Tetris Catch Videos?

    Haha... I just set up a T-spin triple by accident.

    another new arika video (tgm3)

    :?: Music for this video

    Tetris DS Challenge- not for the faint of heart!

    Tetris Tournaments

    Which Tetris would you run a tournament in?

    TDS Tourney?


    Classic and Retro Tetris Games

    Anyone know what version of tetris this is?

    World record of Tetris for Gameboy = ?

    old school article for your viewing pleasure

    Tetris 2 + Bombliss - NES

    Bombliss aka Tetris Blast

    NES Tetris

    Other Puzzle Games


    Other Games

    You guys play any other games?

    Attention to people with MKDS!

    Other Clones

    Quinn: Online Tetris For MacOS X



    I need to know how A + B rotation work

    About Us

    Time to lose ?


    What does your username mean?

    Strategy, Tactics, Tips for Beginners

    Beginners help

    The concept of Leverage

    Where do I start?

    Using both rotate buttons

    T-spins with z's and s'??

    Help with adding T-spins to strategy

    SRS Complete rotation system description

    Tetris DS Catch strategy?

    Tetris Theory, and Topics of Interest to the Mathematically Minded

    Are we bound to loose?

    The Tetris guidelines Random Generator is apparently simple.

    Site News

    Wiki is down (partially)
  2. mat


    this certainly illustrates how annoying it would be to actually have separate forums for every topic.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    The index is not really a substitute for a subforum. It doesn't autoupdate nor sort by last date posted. Furthermore, this index actually took it a step further in organization. A subforum is less specific.
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

  5. [​IMG]

    An index in the wiki, for me would be far more manageable. Won't bother rewording the points I've already made in IRC, so I'll copy them across.

    <Rosti_LFC> If it was on the wiki, clearly linked on the main page, then it'd be easily accessed and also could be updated by everyone

    <Rosti_LFC> Someone makes a new thread, they add it to the relavent section on the index in the wiki. If they're newer members, then someone else could always do it

    <Rosti_LFC> You could do a bit more with it as well, because you're a little more limited with what you can physically do on the forum

    It won't arrange itself by most recent posts, but the newer threads will generally be at the top. Any threads which are particularly active could be "stickied" in the index, and kept at the top of their respective lists.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    HhMmm ..,? [​IMG]

    Maybe here ?

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