General Tips on Sudden Ti stacking

Thread in 'Discussion' started by GFish, 30 May 2008.

  1. Yeah, Shirase has got me stumped.
  2. cdsboy

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    I'd say stack a flat as possible. Also when you just start playing you probably don't want to go for tetrises. I'd suggest going for just surviving until you can handle the speed with ease.

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    Yeah, going for tetrises is dangerous if you're not comfortable with the speed. What is most important is finesse. Work on getting pieces where you want them in the most efficient way you can manage. Bad placement decisions will eventually be ironed out as you improve. Don't worry about placements that are not optimal as long as they don't break your finesse.

    There are many coping mechanisms I use when I don't have time to think things through. Perhaps I'll digress another time. [​IMG]
  4. Try to iron out moves that require more than just a single tap, DAS to the side, or DAS to the side and one back. Double taps are probably ok, but don't go for anything too complicated, because the chances are you'll mess it up and there's probably a safer move out there, just perhaps one less beneficial to the stack.

    Getting good with the hold is extremely useful a well.

    Post a video or two, maybe we can diagnose the problem [​IMG]
  5. yeah, i'll try to get a video up. I just recently got to 306 in Sudden Ti. My next goal is 500. I might not beat the torikan but i still want to get to 500.
  6. 306 is pretty good. You're improving nicely.

    500 is a fair way off though. Surviving 200 levels after the massive increase in speed at 300 is far from easy. I mean, it takes you to my level of ability [​IMG]
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    I'd say your problem isn't stacking. Its movement finesse. Once your able to place pieces without back tracking and getting them where you want to first time, then i'd suggest looking into stacking. I think your best move is to practice DAS and tapping techniques, and work on your speed.
  8. Yeah, the stacking is pretty solid when you're not completely screwing things up.

    As cdsboy said, you need to work on your precision in getting the pieces where you want them. Don't use DAS unless you're going to slide the piece against a wall and leave it there or come back a space. DAS'ing into the middle of a big empty space just leaves you fighting the piece into place instead of using a precise double-tap.

    I think your use of IRS could also do with a lot of improvement, though that comes as much through experience of when to use it (generally as often as possible is best unless you're going for speed). Look back on the video and pay attention to the failed placements.

    It also helps to learn which placements are possible and which aren't. You try and place the J at 215 (1:43 YouTube time) on the left, when really the stack is messy and the only real placement is just to IRS clockwise and have it in the middle.

    I also think trying to lock manually would not only help with speed but also with the use of IRS and DAS charging in the ARE time between pieces.
  9. One quick question. What is IRS?
  10. [​IMG]

  11. Ok thanks. But's it's kinda hard to think about that at the speed of Sudden Ti. I saw Rosti do it in a couple of his Sudden Ti and Sudden videos but it's just too fast for me.
  12. It'll come in practice. IRS is probably the most important thing to get nailed down. Especially in TGM and TAP modes, where you don't have floorkicks to help you with the I piece.

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