Hello, everybody. I'm new here.

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    My name is 12. Also you can call my another name, Rabbit Reisen. I have been playing Texmaster for nearly 6 years. Now I have a good command of playing tetris. However, not until I log in here did I realize that so many players are around the world.
    I feel so nervous because I am afraid of being told something bad, and this is the first time that I have post here.
    I come from China, a country in Eastern Asia. Sorry for my poor English. If I spell some wrong words, please point out my mistakes and correct them. I will appreciate it if you are kind to me.^^
    I mainly play Texmaster, sometimes I will play Nullpomino or Heboris. I haven't played TGM series arcade game, because it is really HARD to find in China.

    Well, recently I have broken a record. Now I will continue to make more progress.
    Hope everyone can get alone with me.^^
    Although I must back to school in two days, I still remember you. I'm just a senior high school student and I don't have much more spare time to play games.
    OK, that's all. If everyone has something to say, you can reply me.^^
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  2. Hey there! No need to be nervous. To be honest, I was pretty nervous too when I posted here for the first time. In hindsight, I asked some pretty dumb questions, but the community was really nice and welcoming. :D

    Don't worry about your English skills. Most people on here aren't native speakers, me included. I think it's cool how you deliberately ask people to point out your mistakes, but I think I shouldn't be the one to do so. My english skills are far from being perfect. I hope some of the fluent speakers in here will do you this favor. ^^

    Normally new members introduce themselves here: https://www.tetrisconcept.net/threads/the-introduction-thread.44/
    But to be honest, it doesn't really matter in the end.

    Also, I noticed you're a really good player! TAP GM, Death GM, Ti World GM and S13, Ti Classic MasterM and S13... That's incredible!

    That's all for now. I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
  3. Yeah I'd agree with FreakyByte here. We've all been bad at some point so it doesn't matter what your skill level is to us. Hope you enjoy your time here! :D

    Though regarding your English, I see errors, yet I can still understand what you're trying to say so it's fine. However If you want me to nitpick...
    Red = Spelling error.
    Green = Grammatical error.
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    Wow! Thank you for correcting my errors!:D
    I'm so grateful that someone can correct my grammatical error.
    Since I am a high school student, I know little knowledge of English.
    But all in all, thank you for correcting!:D
  5. Hello there o/

    First congrats for that classic GM, truly not many people have done it, that makes you #8, not to mention the first one in China :D (maybe others with World GMs, by the way has anyone made a list of all of them ? I believe there's like 20 or something)

    We never had a chinese player in tetrisconcept I believe, this is a first :p people from all over the world in there, and that's a great thing (a lot of french players such as myself too :p )
  6. I don't know if there were that many World GM, but there were a handful on Nicovideo. We can try to flesh out a more exact count.

    There is at least @farter and @AQ6174 signed up on the forums here. I remember that AQ linked to a Baidu group for Tetris in his intro post, too. Maybe we should try to share more between communities often. :)
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    So do you know them? You know they are Chinese, too? I often talk with them online.:D
    And you must know GAP, he used to play tetris and now he doesn't play it. I don't know the reason.:)
  8. Muf


    Do you think it would be helpful if we installed a Chinese language pack on the forum, and maybe provide a place for people to talk in Chinese? I've been meaning to do that with Japanese and French as well, as you can see by the French forum that was added recently at the bottom of the forum list. I would love for the community to grow internationally and mingle with other communities like the Baidu group.
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    That's good! Sometimes I am thinking if some Chinese players whose English is poor, he or she can not know what you are talking about. A translator is needed. Also, recently more and more Chinese player start to play tetris now, though they don't know here. As far as I am concerned, if there is a translator, we can know what foreigners mean in a short time. :D
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    Chinese language packs are now installed. Let me know if you have any more wishes.
  11. Ah yes, I remember GAP as well. :) I didn't remember he was from China.

    Enjoy your stay! I hope we can make more connections with the Tetris communities of different countries! :D

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