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  1. Ok, a list of all the differences would help. 'm trying to convert from SRS to ARS. I had to change my A and B around to make it work. And what is with the T piece spwaning upside down?
  2. jujube

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    looks like a T to me [​IMG]

    it's just going to take a lot of practice to get used to the differences. you can read about ARS at the wiki and watch authentic uncloned TGM action on youtube. most of it is up to you, it just depends on how much effort you want to put into it. as far as specific advice i don't think i could help you much, being more of an SRS player myself.
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    Differences between SRS and ARS:

    1. In SRS, J, L, and T spawn flat side down. In ARS, they spawn flat side up.
    2. In SRS, I, S, and Z have four rotation states. In ARS, they only have two.
    3. Wall kicks in ARS differ largely from those in SRS.
    4. [REMOVED]

    Will add more soon.
  4. Zaphod77

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    Differences between ARS and SRS

    1) ARS spawns all pieces upside down, compared to SRS. with some pieces, it's not noticable, though.

    2) ARS locks the piece imediately when you soft drop it, and does NOT lock when you do a hard drop. This allows for certain actions to be done rapidly at low gravity that take longer in SRS.

    3) The wallkicks are much simpler. The game tries to kick 1 square right, then tries to kick 1 square left. (exceptions exist for the I and the T in TI.)

    the game will not kick if the center column of the piece before rotation is occupied, unless one of the upper corner spots is taken.

    In TI (and Hebo Mini, by default), the T and the I piece can kick off the floor, but only once per piece. This makes I's much easier to work with in 20g.

    4) pieces after rotation are lower compared to SRS, except for the I piece.

    The T, for example drops down a line compared to SRS when rotated upside down. pieces don't lift into the air when you rotate them in ARS like they can do in SRS.

    5) pieces with rotation symmetry only have two rotation states, not 4. only the T, L, and J pieces have four, and none of them matches SRS.

    6) ARS gives you time after dropping the piece to think before the next piece enters the field, even when you don't clear a line. This is known as ARE (ahh ray). This is essential for 20g (maximum speed) play.

    More to come.
  5. why?
  6. sihumchai

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    There's also Step-Reset locking. Meaning that every step it drops(by rows) it resets the lockdown, unlike SRS which gives you infinite lock-down time if you keep moving or rotating pieces.
  7. cdsboy

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    My advice to you would to just play. Its much easier to get the hang of the basics by just playing.
  8. Amnesia

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    Difference btw ARS nad SRS :

    ARS = For expert and high technical level players

    SRS = For common tetris noobs

    no I am joking.. [​IMG]
  9. jujube

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  10. why not? (same goes for vice versa...)
  11. he seems like a capable SRS player. i was wondering why he wanted to make the switch.
  12. kiwibonga

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    He wants a piece of the TGM cake!

  13. Maybe because he's heard it's more fun and challenging than SRS?
  14. thanks for the help guys. And yes, I want a piece of the TGM cake. And Grade 3 isn't going to cut it for me. Plus, Sudden TI looks fun [​IMG]
  15. K


    aren't you tired to always put invective sentence to others peoples who don't play as you ???
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    ars is awesome

    made the switch last year. i dont think i ever want to go back... playing texmaster gets me excited (does anyone kno how to get that lv500 music?)
  17. Muf


    Press F7 ingame and record the "What you hear" device in your sound mixer.
  18. In this thread caffeine said

    While Ti-ARS is definitely less challenging than regular ARS, I find Ti-style gameplay much more fun than TAP-style, so difficulty is obviously not directly and linearly correlated with fun. There is a relationship, however, and I think it probably looks more like a parabola. If something is too easy it gets boring very quickly, and if it's too hard it gets frustrating even more quickly, so a game has to hit each player's personal sweet spot in order to remain interesting to that player.

    The fact is, I find it quite easy to play forever in 20G with SRS and infinite lock delay, but with ARS, even with infinite lock delay, it's still a challenge. That could be because it's still relatively new to me and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it, but something tells me that's not the whole story.
  19. Zaphod77

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    srs lets you kick almost any piece up. this helps you get it over obstacles that are impassable under ARS.

  20. true, i think that SRS is better for fixing misdrops.

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