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    Well, hello there. My name is Dustin and I was referred here by Kitaru via NA. I go by the same username over there. I've been playing Tetris casually since it came out on the Gameboy. I really got into it back in 2009, when I decided to collect for the NES. And that is when I got stuck on the NES version. Due to my current residency in Germany I obtained the PAL version first and mainly played B-Type on level 9-5. Over the time I learned about the yearly championship and how people were trying to max out their scores on A-Type. So, naturally I tried to do the same and after watching the documentary "Ecstasy of Order", I was baffled at how people could even beat level 19, until I learned that the PAL version is a butchered version of the original. So, now I have a NTSC cart and I am gradually trying to best my own score whenever I find the time to play some Tetris.

    There, now that was a rather lengthy introduction. I'm happy to have been introduced to this site and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you other Tetris fans out there.

    EDIT: And I go all out on making myself look like a fool by not posting this into the introduction thread.....
  2. Herzliche willkommen nonetheless !
  3. Hi there. I see you've got Von Kaiser rockin' in the avatar. How German of you! :p

    What's Ecstasy of Order?
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    It's a documentary about the build up to the first world championship of Tetris. It's a great movie and a must-see for every Tetris fan.

  5. Welcome!

    We will share with you are Tetris secrets if you share with us the secrets to your delicious sausages!
  6. The secret is that they come in lines of four...
  7. [​IMG]
  8. welcome DMG from a fellow NEStris addict ;) elswhere on these forums we have a leaderboard, although im sure you have seen it. Glad to see you have NTSC :)!! we love to have some new folks now and again.

    Oh and Ecstasy of order is a definate must see. I offer this one warning for a non- NES player: When the movie says it is the difinative version of the game... some players of new games feel a bit annoyed. That is said becasue, well, its definative for us. and what else are you gunna say in a movie about a certain variety of a thing hahaha. But we are all pretty big fans of other tetris' and their players as well.

    I'm actually delving deeper all the time in to the Cult that is CULTRIS!!!!
  9. Is NES Tetris really considered the definitive version? I had no idea. I always thought it was TTGM because it appears to be the only version that everyone talks about. Oh well, I'm happy with my Sega Tetris anyway. :D
  10. It was the definitive classic version in North America, certainly. :) 1988 Sega was the definitive version in Japanese arcades, but it didn't really make it out into the wild elsewhere. The same goes for TGM, which has its roots deeply entrenched in the legacy of Sega Tetris.
  11. And GameBoy Tetris is the definitive version for a lot of people in the UK, in my experience.
  12. I would agree with that here as well, insofar as people incorrectly identifying GB as "the original." I guess it depends a little bit on how you want to interpret "definitive" -- Is it referring to ruleset, or just most widely played and well-regarded? -- but either way it's definitely one of the Nintendo family games.
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    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Yeah, there are many different definitive versions.

    For PC users, it was the spectrum holobyte DOS version.

    For ayone who had a game boy, that was the definitive version.

    In the US, the NES one is probably the most definitive.

    In Japan, the Sega arcade version was definitely it.

    On this forum, TGM is definitive. :)

    People who got later starts tend to consider newer versions as definitive. (many are fond of Tetris DS, for example)
  14. And this is why you will always be the resident misinformer...
  15. It is actually quite true that on these forums, the TGM series (or TGM-clones) are the most definitive version. Look at the scoreboards to get a taste.
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    Tell that to the guys frantically posting in the NES records threads :) NEStris activity is easily just as high as all TGM-related activity combined at the moment.

    Heck, even I bought a Famicom, NES-to-FC adapter, and NTSC NEStris. :p
  17. That's because a lot of us have hit walls in TGM....i think a lot of us are still playing, records just come much more spread out. The people that can play a lot (hours a day) have probably already "beat" tgm2 (as in, gotten an M or GM in master/death), but if you don't play that often (like me), getting better happens VERY slowly. My average game is increasing slowly, but who knows when I'll break the next milestone (M in TGM2). Personal bests are extremely sporadic for me.

    That's the way I look at it...but I may be wrong. Either way, NEStris has a long way to go to have a larger scoreboard. To me, that makes this place TGM central (with a nice little NEStris community to support).
  18. I like that perspective, and I think its true. This place is TGM central, and the NES community does have some growth to do. That you mention it aside TGM with reference to this site tells me though that we are in that process, and I belive it will continue as more good players come out of the woodwork. I look forward to seeing where NEStris is in a year, as I did last year, haha.

    The difference between this place and Harddrop is essentially the specialization of these forums. This is the place, the best place, for TGM and NES for sure and I'm glad of it. Its good for everyone to have a home :)

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