How to mod a stick in 4-ways ?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Supernaze7, 19 Jan 2014.

  1. Hy guys,

    I have a fightstick Street Fighter X Tekken Pro Cross like this ( ) and I need to mod it

    The stick is very good, but there is one thing who's disturb me, the joystick is too "soft". I make lots of missdrop because of this.
    So, I read on internet we can purchase restrictor plate, but which plate choose ? Or, have you better solution ?

    So, I don't know if I was understandable, but thanks guys for answering, and for helping me :)
  2. You have to disassemble the whole thing in order to get to the joystick itself. From behind it looks like this:


    Then take off the restrictor plate:


    And switch it like so.
  3. Thanks a lot man, I will try soon, and I will tell you my feedbacks ! :)
  4. Also, if you intend on using the same stick for both 4-way and 8-way games, don't switch the same restrictor plate back and forth. Buy a second restrictor plate, and keep one on 4-way and the other on 8-way. Switching Sanwa JLF plates between 4/8 repeatedly will cause them to break very quickly. It may or may not be a problem for other sticks, as well.
  5. Seimitsu LS-32 has a gate with two openings on the gate, and can be relocated to 4- or 8-way positions -- no moving parts means nothing to break, just unscrew, move, and reaffix.
  6. Strangely, I guess I was in 4-way and to do manipulation makes me switch in 8-way, but it is not disturbing to play in 8- way,
    So my stick is just too "soft" again, when I put the stick to the left and I total drop it, it makes a right input by returning for example (I don't know if you understand what I'm telling)

    A few days ago I saw this video ( ),so, you guys think I can do the same thing for solve this problem ?

    cleure --> No needing, I mostly use my stick for playing TGM
  7. I think you mean if you have the stick all the way to the left, and let go, it "bounces back" and hits the switch for the right direction?

    If so, then that's fairly normal. You just have to learn how to release properly so it doesn't engage the switch on the opposite side. If you're really uncomfortable playing that way, then you can try putting a heavier spring in your stick (many sites sell them).
  8. K


    Does anyone have this sanwa 8 way restrictor ? I'm interested to 3D print some..
  9. Muf


    They only cost 550 yen though...
  10. K


    then it would drop to ~15 cts.
  11. This happens on all new Sanwas. It'll go away eventually if you just put some hours into playing on the stick. In the mean-time you can either mod it or adjust your style to compensate for it a little.
  12. cleure, you think if I buy a new spring, I can have better feeling with my stick ?

    Rosti : Yes, it was just an example for show how it is sensitive, in fact, I slip with lots of tap-tapping moves then make me doing mistakes

    Thank you guys for answering me !
  13. You can put in a new spring and it will solve the bounce-back issue, but it might not necessarily give you a better feeling. Most people just play with stock components and no mods without problems. If you've put in a lot of hours and are still having problems then I would maybe consider it, but otherwise I would just practice more and try to adjust how you play to avoid it causing problems.

    And yes, proper arcade sticks are typically sensitive because they want to require as little movement as possible to register an input. This means you can make inputs faster and it also puts less strain on your wrist when playing for long periods.

    If you are fairly new with using a joystick then I would try and stay with it and persevere - it takes practice!
  14. So, I bought my stick a year ago, and I mostly slip on TGM2 Master mode when I have to do "up + down" moves or Zangi-moves. It makes me retrying lots of good games starts.

    So, do you guys think I just lack practice on these moves, even after a few months of practice ?
  15. Either lacking practice, or maybe you're holding it completely wrong? Could you post photos of your grip?

    Also don't restart! Until you're doing hard time-attack with M/Gm ranks there's never any reason to quit a game early, no matter how badly you mess up.
  16. I have no intention to quit this game, it seems too good to leave it !

    I ordered a new smartphone, maybe I will can take video of my games with showing my hands in a few weeks, but I can't take any photo/video before reiceiving my smartphone
  17. Uh, just to make sure, what Rosti meant by "quit a game early" was "restarting your current play" or "resetting"
  18. Oh, thnak you Qlex, I haven't understood what Rosti meant by "there's never any reason to quit a game early" I thought he said quit the whole TGM game, not just a game ! (damn, my English...)
    So, I don't really like to play on a game started with lots of fails
  19. Haha, too bad you don't play in an arcade center, you would understand better his point of view, I think :p
  20. Muf


    It teaches you about recovery. Think about that awesome game where everything goes great until you fuck up at 8xx: if you've practised recovery all those games where you fucked up and wanted to restart, it's easy to recover. If you always reset whenever things go wrong, it'll be much harder to reach 999.

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