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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 24 Nov 2006.

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    it did not erase everything in 1.10, you got a special jewel and if it touched one block it erased all blocks, and if it only touched jewels it erased all jewels.
  2. No, that was how it worked in the first version. I specifically remember the special gem being removed in 1.10.
  3. i'll second that.
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    ok you guys are right. I didn't realize it updated two version because i updated to the newest version on a differnt computer i updated to 1.10. therefor at the time of the post i had played 1.12 but i didn't realize it.
  5. I just finished death mode with 33 585 880 points and hit 32 on the online ranking list.

    That's not too bad, eh? [​IMG]
  6. Nice one. [​IMG]
  7. I need to get better at getting high scores though, it'd be nice if there were any concrete info on how the scoring works.

    Do you get any bonus if you never pass the red line.. or is the only advantage that you don't lose your current stack? Maybe it would be better to hit the red line as fast as possible so you don't lose your stack later on..?
  8. I actually reverse engineered the complete scoring system of the first public version (1.07). It was fun, but I really had to cram it in to finish before the version change. I'm yet to investigate the new scoring system, but I'm hoping it builds off the first version. I'll look into it when I get some time.

    Unless they really changed things, though, white gems are extremely important.
  9. I took a cursory glance at the scoring system and it actually changed quite a bit.

    Anyhow, version 1.21 has been released. Anyone notice changes? They added key configuration, so maybe people with input problems can play it now. The scoreboard was not reset so I don't think there were gameplay changes.
  10. upy


    Ok, based on this information, I could actually see .wav files inside pack0.dat.

    I made a simple java program to extract them. Then it's possible to make Heboris or LockJaw refer to these waves kind of legally. I still don't think it's legal to rip them and distribute them after, so there's the reason for this script.

    Hope you like it and that someone can use this as a base for a script that creates a Heboris or LockJaw sound pack.

    The program receives 1 argument, the (relative) path to pack0.dat including the filename.

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