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  1. Keep 'em coming, boys and girls! I love having all of the different Tetris streams to watch nowadays. A wide range of games and skill levels. Very cool stuff to watch!
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  2. I made some tests today and assured that my pc can handle TGM properly while streaming, so I guess I should be posting here. I'll be streaming keyboard-played TGM/TAP regularly, as I wait for a stick/pcb (the former I'll try to get it ASAP, the latter is a wish to be fullfilled in the long run). I'm pretty bad at TGM, but I'll try to get better at it, and hopefully this stream will be my motivation! Anyway, here is the url:
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    Club TGM: Round Deux.
  4. I'll take a stab at this, as I am somewhat familiar with how the rest of the videogame industry is trying to sort this stuff out. I am relying on a translator for the link above, so my interpretation should be taken with a grain of salt:

    This looks akin to the "incentive program" that Nintendo has recently rolled out for people monetizing their videos on YouTube. You have to apply to the program (the process is truly asinine...) in order to continue to make money from your videos, less the rather substantial cut that Nintendo would like to gently lift from your pockets.

    Up to this point, if you are not monetizing your videos anywhere, "no one" has really been able to come after streamers and such. The sort of copyright stuff that they appear to be throwing around in the link doesn't so much apply to people just making videos and streaming for the fuck of it. Now, there is mention of emulation in the link, so I'm not sure what they're going for, but there again, the vast majority of your speed runners of classic games on Twitch have been emulating things for years with no major pushback.

    Again, I may be off base not being able to fully digest the information through a translator, so further analysis is needed...

    And if I may just touch on the existential problem here, it's really a shame how these companies, primarily Japanese companies, are coming after their perceived cut to the detriment of their reputations, fanbase, and FREE FUCKING PUBLICITY. I understand that your big time YouTube/Twitch audiences do bring in a substantial amount of money for a handful of people producing said content, but that is not the case for 99% of people trying to make a few bucks. The whole thing is disappointing. It's why I won't monetize anything and never will. It's a big fucking headache.

    Also...don't play music over your shit, if you haven't figured that one out. They'll get your ass for that, too. :rolleyes:
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  5. FWIW, if you're not familiar with how the Tetris industry (or TGM) specifically works then most of your knowledge may well not apply to the dumb IP microcosm that is Tetris, though that Nintendo stuff does sound fairly familiar. ARIKA have been all over this shit before on YouTube. Multiple times. A lot of the more long-standing members on here lost videos or entire accounts to that bullshit. And for the most part Mihara seems to just massively have it in for the western Tetris community and anyone on this site.

    As far as I know Arika haven't ever filed a removal complaint against any YouTube video featuring proper TGM gameplay. They imposed some dumb "Club TGM" rules that you had to have permission to upload a video and put a watermark on it, but I've never known of any videos to be removed for not following it. The only videos that ever got removed were videos for clones like Heboris or Texmaster, which is somewhat ironic given that the videos themselves don't actually use any material which is copyrighted by Arika (except for maybe Hebo sounds, but Texmaster is clean afaik).

    Sounds like a whole load of huffing and puffing from Arika, and maybe they'll start coming after clone/obviously emulated Tetris streams, but I really doubt they'll actually police it or it'll make much difference here. Filing takedown notices on YouTube is one thing, but having them follow my Twitch profile and complain every time I stream would be a whole extra level.
  6. Sounds lovely. :rolleyes: Unfortunately this type of thing, as stated, is only becoming more of the norm in the industry as a whole. Sorry to hear it's been this long standing battle for TGM players.
  7. From a business perspective it would be pretty stupid of Arika to start having actual TGM videos taken down if they(/he) want to promote their game as the premier version of Tetris, and deny the existence of clones.....

    But then again, they are not really selling any TGM games any more, are they? >____________________<

    We streamed some TGM this weekend, and Mihara-san was sharing the stream om Twitter. Dunno if he was being negative or positive about it though.....
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    If it's Mihara, you can assume negative. Even a compliment will be dripping with sarcasm. Guy's just an asshole.
  9. The default soundpacks of each are clean. But, people sometimes add ripped TGM sounds to either game of their own accord, which is obviously an issue.

    The only copyrighted assets Texmaster cribs are from Counter-Strike... ;)
  10. Haha :D I think we did have a talk about that at the time
  11. There's an updated version of the Arika guideline that was posted today:

    It's all in moonrunes and very much tl;dr at the moment, but the tgm_series Twitter account did imply that there's an English translation in progress and they're looking for feedback.
  12. Got my "awesome99999" Twitch account back, so I'll be using that from now on. However, I'll keep this up in case I need to use my new account again.
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    It sounds like I'm stepping into a bit of unknown territory playing clone Tetris games on stream? Well, as long as nobody gets permission to nuke my account, I guess I'll go forward with it anyway.

    There is also
  15. My stream is over at

    I'm planning on streaming mostly 3D art creation, but since I like games and especially Tetris, those might also get some streams now and then. Anyways, follow if you want to. :)
  16. Planning on streaming various games including but not limited to TGM over at once I get my new PC and powerline kit.
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  18. Followed you guys :) I need more Tetris on Twitch

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