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  1. sihumchai

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    Do you find this game, fun?

    It will never match the addictive qualities of Tetris.

    Tell me why it's fun, and maybe I'll have to rethink, or replay the game again. (I played mobile version, midi songs.. ugh)

    Quote from Lumines wiki:

    "A block-dropping game, its look and basic gameplay is similar to Meteos and Tetris, although the music and visuals are far more important to this game."

    So it's a bad game right?
  2. tepples

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  3. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    Funny that how most reviews sites seems to emphasize more on the visual and audio side of the game. Sure, purty graphics make the game better but as I was clearing blocks.. it didn't seem challenging..

    I tried slamming down all the blocks without thinking, making 2x2's and sometimes 2x3's(and other weird shapes).. IMHO I think it's just a slighty slower paced game that requires more thinking over Tetris.

    Lumines - Puzzle

    Tetris - Action Puzzle (due to the speed factor that we play)

    And God knows why they call it Tetris 2.

    Sorry for bashing Lumines, but I find it boring, and I've got lots to rant about in this game.
  4. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    Sorry, forgot to ask.

    Do you have a windows version? Which doesn't require a 3d-accelerator card?

    MY card's kinda busted, I get artifacts when running 3d games. So no GBA emul.

    Danke [​IMG]
  5. If you're going to bash something, bash bejewelled. I can't stand that game. Even if you don't get Lumines, it has strong artistic merits.
  6. bleh-- bejewelled. bejewelled is to tic-tac-toe as tetris is to chess. moreover, bejewelled can only be compared to tetris-- if tetris used dominoes instead of tetrominoes. then there's collapse-- don't get me started.
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    VisualBoyAdvance and no$gba do not need a 3D card; they can run with plain old DirectDraw.

    You mean Dr. Mario or Puyo Pop?

    This is nicholas casting a spell on all Dr. M and Puyo fans:

    You hate SameGame too? The picture must be accurate [​IMG]
  8. I don't think Nick has anything against those games -- rather, he is calling (literal) Tetris with 1x2 pieces braindead on the same level as bejewelled.

    Kids Tetris actually featured a mode with only blocks like this. [​IMG]

    Oh, and I totally agree about Collapse also.
  9. ct's right. i used to play dr. robotnik's bean factory all the time with my friend on the sega-- long time ago. that game can really drag you in. mostly because of the chain factor. even so, i'd say pdp's more satisfying.
  10. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    If Tetris with Dr. Mario pieces is braindead, then is Dr. Mario with Tetris pieces supreme?

    At least it's a way for kids to learn the Standard Falling Block Game Controls.

    As for Collapse, I've never played it, but I liked Insane Game, a game for TI calculators based on SameGame but with pieces dropping onto the screen like in Meteos.

  11. if/then error. dr. mario uses entirely different mechanics and goals than tetris. i didn't say dr. mario pieces, i said dominoes. dr. mario pieces depend on color formations, whileas tetris does entirely structurally.
  12. Have you played Tetris 2? I would definitely describe it as Dr. Mario using Tetris pieces. Tetris 2 uses entirely different mechanics and goals than Tetris. [​IMG]
  13. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    nicholas: With Tetris 2, you get the structure and the colors.

    ObTopic: With Lumines, you get the colors and the rhythm. I ought to make a video of Luminesweeper and post it on YouTube.
  14. wow, quick reply. here was my edit:

    moreover, tetris 2 isn't dr. mario with tetris pieces-- it uses whatever the geometry term is for those things which aren't tetrominoes but still use four blocks.
  15. I *think* they're called hinged polyominoes.
  16. Nick15

    Nick15 Unregistered

    I think Lumines is fairly addictive, just as addictive as Tetris to me. In fact, it was the only game I needed to justify the purchase of a PSP. [​IMG] ... Though, I'm mostly upset with the limited amount of Themes, and how what new themes you unlock in other modes don't work in the main marathon mode. ... In any case, I'm really looking forward to Lumines 2.

    If we're ripping on other block-games... Polarium is a game I think kinda sucks. It's TOO reliant on the stylus, to the point where there isn't even a button on the DS that clears blocks.... having to double tap with the stylus to clear blocks is too time consuming when you're in a tight situation.

    Why should you enjoy Lumines? Does it matter? Obviously if something doesn't hit you at first, it's not like anything anyone else could say could convince you. You either like it or you don't.
  17. sihumchai

    sihumchai Unregistered

    I just needed to know what the 1337 tetris players here think.

    Maybe it's because we're all(me actually) mindset on Tetris, and perhaps not used to something as different as this.

    So I had another go at the game. Seems to me that collapsing blocks + combo making makes it fun(yes, fun). Don't care much about the visuals, but Lumines Live certainly looks much better w/ music video playing in the background.

    I think it would be more fun if it used Tetris pieces, instead of just O's. Tepples, why not try that in your Lumines clone?

  18. Polarium is awesome! I might even like it more than Meteos. (I realise this is not popular opinion.) I'm not even that good with a stylus and I can get to around level ~750 on a bumpy as hell bus ride. That's keeping a combo alive the whole time too. Double tapping is just as fast as double clicking... If you die it's probably due to poor line choices and not slow double tapping.
  19. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Newer versions of DDR use music videos, but from what I've seen, they just distract from the action.

    Lumines 2 is said to use both O tetromino and I trimino and to use three colors.

    Maybe once I get Lockjaw where I want it. And I have an additional reason to do so: the new Lumines brand games are published by Disney, and I hate what The Walt Disney Company has done to the information commons (see Sky Is Falling).
  20. I thought only Meteos was going Disney. Are they both?

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