Midwest Gaming Classic 2015

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Josh Tolles, 3 Apr 2015.

  1. MGC is happening next week!

    There will be an official weekend-long Tetris tournament hosted by the event, and a sloppy drunken Tetris brawl held after hours on Saturday night.

    Don't miss out on your chance to meet the star of Ecstasy of Order. That's right, "Hollywood" Ben Mullen will be there, signing autographs (autographs may be subject to a small fee, fans may be subject to a security pat-down).

    Several max-out guys will be in attendence (me, Ben Mullen, Chad Muse, and Terry Purcell<---CTWC14 semi-finalist), the NWC cart record-holder Frank Westphal, and Twitch streaming-sensation B.D. Cowe (picture of a cow). And that's just to name a few! (or all? wiz and bo, where you at???)

    Lots of cool stuff to check out at MGC. If you are into classic video games at all, they have rooms upon endless rooms of anything and everything you could imagine (and some things you never knew existed). And it is all free and open to play!

    Here is a list of the classic video game tournaments:

    Don't know about you, but I am definitely checking out the Mario Kart Championship!!

    Event is held at the Brookfield Sheraton:

    Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel
    375 South Moorland Road
    Brookfield, WI 53005

    And last but not least, I have heard some murmurings that there may be a rare appearance by....

    ELORG: The Tetris Warrior!
  2. i am so fucking excited for this! thanks for reminding me of the cool shit going down. tops on my list is that drunken tetris brawl on saturday night...
  3. Josh: You're the best, man...

    Less than a week now! There may be some streaming, depending on what I can make happen with the hotel/internet. The official tourney won't be streamed, but maybe some other shenanigans. Recordings are always possible, though, if people are up for it. Any solid details and/or updates will happen here starting next Friday night, April 10th.
  4. Unfortunately I'm not going to be there. :( Please try to record.

    I read the rules and I like them. I like how Max mixes it up each year. It should be a good competition.

    ps. Midwest guys please defend our turf. (no offense to terry :))
  6. No worries, T. Historically, there has been qualifying extended into Sunday, and you know all the right dudes to help you out, should there be any problems...

    ...exceeeeeeept you are the West Coast Wonder. Hmmmmm. We'll see how well you're playing tomorrow before vouching for you. :p

    VIDEO UPDATE: HQ recording is a go, but streaming on the hotel's internet remains to be tested. Maybe tonight-ish?!?
  7. i NEED video.
  8. Sorry for the delay and dearth of updates over the weekend. With the lack of broadband options at the hotel, there was no streaming. The official tournament was not recorded due to my limited recording setup, but I'm going through a ton of random stuff from the evenings. The main thing to come out of this will likely be the unofficial SNES tournament from Saturday night, otherwise known as Chad Muse Giving Everyone the Business.
  9. i sit here on the west coast oddly lamenting the fact chad muse didnt get an opportunity to give me the business.
  10. Hahaha...

    It was pretty enjoyable to sweep Mullen after he immediately destroyed my top qualifying score earlier :D Thanks again for the awesome video.

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