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  1. Thanks Joshua! And yep, that's one shy of ten million. It felt like it took an hour - but probably more like 45-50min. I honestly thought I was 1/10th to maxing out since the score box looks like it could fit an extra digit. But then it stopped counting up.

    This Tetris is a little weird. The score, lines, and level all seemed to max out at the same time (lv99, 999 lines). It's not too hard, too. DAS is super fast. Entry and lock delay are both, like, an hour ;). WEIRD piece distributions. I felt like I would frequently either get an S/Z trend or an L/J trend. Play field is a little higher than 20, I think. Still made by BPS, though!

    But I'm a big fan of 3D and the VB. So if you can find a VB and are able to get into a comfortable position such that your neck doesn't feel like snapping after an hour of play, I recommend giving it a go for fun. The MGC probably knew you'd break the game with your skills! So they made an excuse ;). I have a few VBs in various working condition (don't ask). But I'd be willing to ship one around if anyone wants to try/play.
  2. Oddly enough, on the perfect 19-0 game I just recorded, I found that I had a 45 piece L block drought.

    Also, kudos on that parenthetical!
  3. I got max-out #5. I had been in quite the drought when it came to maxing.

    I fired off three real quick when I first did it. Took a couple month break and got a one-away, but didn't really pursue it. A few months later, I pushed for another one and got it. But for the last six months, I've been trying really damn hard to get a 16 and 19 max with no success. Discouraged, I've tried fairly aggressively for the last three or four months to get ANY max, but the knack for it has eluded me.

    So a few days ago, I crossed off everything on my "goal list." I threw all that other stuff to the back of the closet and set a new goal for myself: 31 max outs.

    Five down, twenty-six to go :D

  4. Upon learning that quite a few NES tetris players are one button players, I started to wonder:
    Would TGM be playable with only one rotation button? Mind you, I'm talking about literally one button and not merely one rotation, as is common in classics like the 1988 Sega Tetris (which features three CCW-buttons).
    Having arbitrarily settled for the A button (CCW) I tried some TGM1 which proved to be more challenging than I originally thought. I had to relearn some finesse and stacking and acquire new muscle memory for moves like the quadruple-rotate.

    But nevertheless...

    Unfortunately this wasn't played on a Texmaster version that shows your input and the replay file isn't backwards compatible, but rest assured that there weren't any illegal B or C presses.
    Maybe sometime in the future I'll tackle the other modes, although beating the Death or Shirase torikan is going to be really difficult, since rotating this inefficiently wastes a lot of time.
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  5. Sega Tetris only had one rotation button, so it's playable; don't know about the higher speeds and at 20G not being able to IRS the other way would probably be limiting, but I do plenty of triple rotate moves all the time so maybe it's not so bad ;P
  6. The difference is that Sega Tetris has three buttons which you can just press at once or in quick succession to simulate a clockwise rotation, whereas I'm limiting myself to one button I have to press three times. But it's mainly 20G that makes this difficult, because you can walk into some traps. Take the J @ 12:45 in the video for example: Luckily I could synchro it in this case, but anything else would have left a hole, because there's not enough room to triple rotate. The hole @ 12:50 is unavoidable, which admittedly I just didn't foresee. It's generally easier to create holes in the center and way harder to get rid of them than normally.

    But of course you're welcome to try and beat my one button time. ;)
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  7. Ah, yeah I wasn't aware that the actual thing has 3 buttons, though I guess it would be kind of silly to see a cab with only one button on it ;P
  8. Not exactly back-to-back maxes, but this is somewhat of a big deal for me. It speaks to the consistency I've been working towards on 18 and my first 800k average over a pair of games.

  9. Wow impressive back to back games, you were on a roll !
  10. They cannot be pressed at once. They must be pressed in successive frames.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Does anyone know how many people have done this?
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  13. I did this (will edit in a video once it's uploaded):


    The wiki says it starts at M grades, I think it means it starts at M grades after the direction change.

    Edit: Here is the video:
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  15. @BBQTurkeyzZ But I'm trying to reach M in death before @EnchantressOfNumbers! Really nice job though, especially turning back the other way! I will attempt to beat it when I get that M :) 174 levels is insanely quick as well.
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  16. I have improved my secret grade performance in master. Time to grind the Shirase secret grade now.

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  17. Nice! And that was a pretty early finish too! (level 76 :o)
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  18. Level 76 secret GM? Wow! :o I guess the hold button is a god send for this goal, but still. I really gotta get into pattern building challenges at some point. I kan almost get a secret GM, but I'm wasting a TON of levels in the progress.
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  19. wow, impressive !
    congrats :)
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  20. Thanks guys :D

    @Sumez the hold button definitely makes a big difference. I think my best in TAP is an S7, whereas I can consistently get S7's and S8's in TI. There is a wiki page about techniques to try but if there is enough interest I'll try to record a game where I get an S9 or GM and commentate it and say why I do certain things if there is enough interest.

    Unfortunately I've just moved and have little access to internet until the ISP comes and connects me up, so I'm sure I won't see replies to this for a few days.

    I'm also somewhat interested in finding what the quickest GM can actually be. I've got an S9 at level 58 before, but I suspect you can get a GM slightly quicker than that. (19 * 9 + 1) / 4 + 2 + 20 / 4 = 50, so 51 levels could be the minimum. Explaining that, the first summand is the number of pieces required to fill in the well with the appropriate number of blocks, the 2 is the necessary line clears, the 20 / 4 is the levels you use up in the line clears. Then you need to actually top out, so 51 I think, without assuming structural problems if any do actually arise. @Kitaru this fixes something in our tweet chain.
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