Challenge: Most tetrises before Death 300

Thread in 'Competition' started by steadshot, 11 Aug 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    disregard the Death torikan for this challenge, I want to find out how many tetrises one can get in Death before hitting level 300. I'm pretty sure that SK gold is perfectly possible (17 tetrises).

    Clones are of course allowed and abusing the level stop is perfectly fine (it couldn't be prevented anyways). Just post your number of tetrises; screenshots and videos would be cool, but aren't required.

    TAP players unfortunately have to count their tetrises themselves or just say which medal they had at 300. Texmaster players have a tetris counter on the bottom right by pressing F8. In addition to that the stars next to the section times stand for section tetrises.

    So why is it 300? Well, I figured that most players don't care for tetrises from 300 on as the ARE and the lock delay get fairly short. So let's just roll with the "slow" sections.

    Name          Tetrises          SK          Time@300
    DeHackEd         19             GO           3:13:70
    TWF              18             GO           2:46:56
    K                17             GO           2:06:65   
    Ai               17             GO           3:16:71
    cyberguile       17             GO              -
    steadshot        15             SI           2:23:45
    rednefed         15             SI              -
    COL              13             SI           2:02:65
    Samael           12             SI           2:11:28
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  3. Ai


    T.A. Death Gold SK played by K. Gold SK (which is 17 tetrises) at level 294 with a time of 02:02:98 and no level stop abuse. There's also a video from COL in this thread with 13 tetrises at level 295.

    The maximum amount of tetrises possible before level 300 with level stop abuse is probably 23. I once obtained Silver SK (20 tetrises) in TAP Master at level 261. You can find the video here. Bronze SK at level 134 and 21 back-to-back tetrises (22 total) before level 300. I've never gotten Silver SK in Death yet; seems like a nice stacking exercise. ^^
  4. Thanks, I added those records. For some reason I thought SK gold meant 15 tetrises, but I edited that, thanks for the hint.

    Also thanks for pointing out that other thread and nice job doing those back-to-back tetrises in TAP master!
  5. I did got gold SK before 300 when I had tried (but without locking at all)
  6. I just did 16 in texmaster, 300 at 2:43.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. 18 tetrises, 6/5/7, 2:46:56 300.
  9. [​IMG]
    2:11:28 300 time-- 12 Tetrises.
    Lower than any of the records so far, but it's my best so far.
  10. I recollect having gotten gold SK tetrising across the level stop before, but for now put me at 15 (5, 5, 5).
  11. Ai



    First time getting Gold SK (at level 333). There's another game where I managed to clear 15 tetrises with a time of 03:08:31 at level 300. No manual locking this time. ^^
  12. I just wondered what SK medal I shall put in the table: SK at 300 or SK at death?

    Ai: Right now I'm writing down the SK at 300, so that's why I gave you the better time instead of the better medal.

    Any concerns with that?
  13. K


    hmm ? cool i didn't remember about doing this but well..
  14. Ai


    The way it's now is absolutely fine. I just posted the screenshot with the Gold SK because I was prouder with that particular achievement. It'd be interesting to see someone try something more challenging, like getting Gold SK using the TAP Master tetris requirements and post a video. ^^

    In my first post in this tread I linked to your Sugoi Kakkoii Medal thread to show that some players had played a similar challenge.
  15. Ai



    I probably could have gotten a tetris or 2 more in this run, but this is more than good enough for me. Again no manual locking; second section was a little faster because I wasn't able to abuse the level stop. I need to do this in T.A. Death too now. ^^
  16. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    19 tetrises in 3:13.70

    Still improvable... but not today.

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