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  1. For a while now I've been working on a fan game that I call MultriNet (or MN for short). My aim with the project is to cover most of the interesting tetris features, with emphasis on multiplayer game play. It's written in Java and relies on web start.

    MN is influenced by the tetrises I've played over the years, and these include GameBoy tetris, ZTetris, TetriNet, Multris and Tetris DS.

    The current features are pretty much summarized in the screen-shots on the web page. (Just click on the thumbnails on the front page.) URL:

    This is the first time I mention it in a forum, and the public server has probably never had more than two players online at the same time, so don't be surprised if it has some infancy issues.

    The source will be released under GPL.

    I'll be monitoring this thread, the MN forums and #multrinet on QuakeNet for comments and feed back.

    -- aioobe
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  2. Woah, christ. That really does seem to have everything. Options screen is huge.

    SRS/ARS, DAS customisability and decent piece colours are the main things I properly care about as far as basic options go, and it seems to have them well covered.

    I'll test out the online play in a mo. If the online play is smooth, and notwithstanding issues like the rotation systems being incorrectly modelled or something, this looks like it could be a pretty decent game.
  3. Ai


    Signed up just now. I will give it a serious try later this weekend if I can. ^^
  4. First post....just tried this and it is awesome. You can basically change anything and's pretty crazy. Movement system feels fine...not as polished as Texmaster(what I normally play) but a lot better than a lot of the online tetris games you find. One problem is the key repeat rate was capped too low...but aioobe said he was going to fix that. There also seems to be a problem with the garbage lines in multiplayer.

    But it's definitely worth checking out...thanks to all the customization I could see this being really good for hardcore Tetris players.
  5. I'll also start the bug report I guess :).

    Key repeat should only be used for movement. Having the piece rotate multiple times when you hold down the rotate key isn't good. Or this should at least be an option as that's how TGM works.
  6. Two bugs so far:

    -create account on the website goes to a dead link

    -typing into the in-game chat doesn't take the controls off the pieces. It isn't that big a deal, but it makes things a bit screwy if I type while pieces are still active


    The repeat rate for DAS can't be set higher than 10Hz? The standard in TGM games is 60Hz, and I'd say that for playing at decent speed you need it much higher than 10Hz.
  7. It needs a third rotation button.
  8. When someone joins the match and is spectating to start, the game won't end because it's waiting for the spectator to die.

    There needs to be either a longer amount of time in between games or(more ideally) the game doesn't start until the creator of the room clicks the start button.

    The autoscrolling when the chat buffer is full seems to be a little messed up...if someone else sends a message it doesn't autoscroll all the way down.
  9. Fixed.


    It *is* only for movement. I believe that it is your system that emulates key-repeat by multiple key-presses. Try disabling your system key-repeat and se how the game reacts.

    Where exactly did you find that link?

    Has worked in previous versions. I'll try to get it back in a working state

    I've set the cap to 100.

    Could you elaborate? So one could use two buttons for CW rotation for instance?
  10. is anyone else getting this weird bug where you lose control of the piece and it keeps going to the left or to the right? happening a lot for me
  11. Yeah, I've had that a few times, but I didn't mention it as I couldn't figure out how to trigger it.

    For the DAS cap, 100 would probably be enough, though to please everyone you'll most likely want a cap of 540 (so instant to the wall DAS, basically).

    I found the broken "create account" link here:
    It's visible if you're not logged in on that page.
  12. Wow, great game. How long it took you to make it? I hope most annoying bugs will be fixed soon.

    I made topic about it on harddrop.
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  13. Few thoughts
    Instant AR to the wall would be nice
    Sometimes the the AR is still activated when I let go of the key and I can't move the piece back unless I press the that key again
    I don't like how soft drop behaves
    Single players should only have room for 1 player :p
    Oh and there seems to be a problem with rooms, when people join and a game is in progress people that joined get garbage, so person have to "kill" them too and this can't be done
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  14. Pretty sure this can be fixed if you just examine the options a bit more carefully.

    Also, be more constructive with your criticism, what don't you like?
  15. I'm talking about soft drop not slide drop
    The fact that theres a DAS-like delay in it and pieces lock too quickly when you use this (I guess this is just a matter of getting used to it)
  16. Just had a fun ~hour session. Joined one game that was no hold, one piece preview, random piece generation, and man...that was really hard after having played TGM exclusively for the past several months!

    Messed around a while with items and stuff, then got settled with about 20 minutes of good games against itswhatever. Bugs noticed:

    ~Items are all sorts of messed up. I don't really care about this(not a big fan of items) but I know a lot of people like them. Most of the games we made we weren't able to send the items, and when we were they didn't all seem to have effects. Personally I think there are easier, more important thinks to fix/alter though.

    ~A couple of times the game would be over(everyone except one person had topped out) but the game didn't end until the one remaining person topped out. Wish I could be more specific but I'm not sure what triggered it.

    Some suggestions:

    ~When creating multiplayer, the default garbage table should be 0 1 2 4 and the target mode should be "target all." These are by far the most common settings for multiplayer and any time I've been playing the most common question has been about the "freely target" garbage mode. I think it's great to freely target as an option, but not the default.

    ~It's been said before, but I'll reiterate it since it's so important: the creator of the arena should click a button to start the game, rather than a timer. Until that's implemented, you should change the "between game" timer to be 15 seconds. 5 seconds is way too short.

    ~When typing in the in-game chat, the piece controls should be disabled. I have space as my slide drop key so if I'm typing a sentence at the start of a game, I get a bunch of pieces building up in my well.

    ~When in a game, it would be nice to have a way to see what other games are available without leaving your game. Not a big deal, but once you're finished fixing the big bugs it would be nice.

    ~Another "nice-to-have"...the immediate next piece should be normal size, and all the others(ie when you have a 3 piece preview) should be half the size. This makes it a lot easier to know what's coming while still looking at your well. Also, don't know how realistic this is, but it would be great to have the option to display the upcoming pieces ABOVE the well, like TGM does.

    Great stuff though! Had a lot of fun playing it and think it could end up being a great game if you can build up the userbase(once you get it a little more polished).
  17. The ability for users to maybe save two or three room settings as custom presets would be nice.
  18. Oh, that's a shame. I'll try looking into it. (Probably haven't discovered this since I use full-left / full-right instead of AR.)

    Ah, had no idea. I've set the cap to 1000. (Originally thought that someone that put a value above 10 had misunderstood the Hz unit :)

    Thanks. Fixed.

    Ok. Is that equivalent to infinite repeat-rate or how should I interpret it? (Personally I use full-left / full-right)

    I thought it would be nice to be able to see how your friends are doing. If you don't want that, just set the maximum number of players to 1.

    Sounds like a bug. In some settings this is the intended behavior though (such as time-limited rooms without respawn).

    Sounds like a bug for sure.

    Ok, something fishy in the code it seems.

    Many of these bugs would be easier to fix if you saved the replay of it. (There is a tab called "recent games", under which you can save replays.)

    You're right. I'll update this.

    I've considered this option. I even had a go-ready button at one point. (Game started when everybody was ready.) The "short-pause" approach does not require attention on who the operator is when the original operator leaves, allows for the operator to use the bathroom, allows the operator to Alt+Tab to a browser for a minute and so on.

    Let's here some more opinions. I'll implement the operator-approach as a test if the majority seems to want it.

    Yep, I'm on it.

    Sure. I could have a tab for it in the play-room.

    Nice idea.

    Thanks, I hope so too.

    You're right. I'll look into it.
  19. Perhaps some sort of majority-rule dealie with the next game? If 50% or more of the players present click "ready" or whatever, then the 5 second count down to the next game starts.
  20. All right, well either way maybe you could make the amount of time in between games configurable. 5 seconds is really short! Can't even take a bite of food in between games.

    Thanks for the advice on the replay thing, I'll start saving replays when I find bugs.

    One other question: it downloads the app every time I play. Is there a way to download it to my computer so I don't have to download it from your sever? I have the jnlp file downloaded but that's just 2kb. Could swear I saw this info somewhere but I can't find it now.

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