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  1. Does it not automatically cache the game somewhere?
  2. Only until you leave the arena I think. You have to save any replays you want to keep personally. But it seems a little messed up...I hit the "piece keeps moving to the side" bug twice and tried to save the replays but neither of the replays saved correctly. See replay 2193 for an example.
  3. This game has a lot of potential but right now has a lot of bugs though =/
    Replays don't seem to be working properly
    Sometimes the game just freezes, I can't move my pieces but I can still see other player playing I don't know whats triggering it though
    A ready system to start the round would be nice I agree with andrewGT
    Hope you keep working on it =)
  4. Java Webstart should only (re-)download the app if I've updated it. If you close the app, and start it again, does it still need to download it?

    There are instructions on how to create proper shortcuts here.

    Thank you, I couldn't agree with you more. And yes, I'll keep working on it for sure (and bug-fixing is of course top prio).
  5. Played for about an hour with custom settings (custom downstack and vs mode) and it was very fun.

    Sometimes the game wouldn't restart and we were forced to remake the game.

    Sometimes, the game wouldn't end when everyone else was killed off (in VS), and I had to suicide for the next round to begin.

    The pieces would sometimes fly to the right or left as if the key was held down constantly. The behaviour was corrected once a new round began.

    Custom presets (already mentioned) and option to name them like in TetriNET2. Also, the ability to save the settings of a game you've joined.

    Increase cap of autorepeat. The cap of DAS was increased to 1000 but I think the setting we want to increase is autorepeat, since that affects how fast pieces slide. 60 Hz autorepeat seems slower than in Lockjaw I think..

    Alternative units for DAS and AR - frames/gravity/Hz/milliseconds... Just about every game uses its own units (Tetris Friends - ms, Lockjaw - Hz/ms, Blockbox - frames, Cultris - frames).

    Option to set the lock delay (time) and type (move/step reset).

    Option to set number of lines for clear lines winning condition.

    Different shadow types - piece outline is nice.

    Cancel button in settings.
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  6. Ah, sorry if I was unclear. I did mean the autorepeat rate itself and not the delay. TGM games use 60Hz, but there are some people who like instant (so theoretically 600Hz in a 60fps game)
  7. Exactly. Although most TGM players would prefer two buttons for counter-clockwise and one for clockwise. Blockbox lets you have two for each.

    Also, in regards to the piece unexpectedly zooming to the left or right wall, That has happened to me in Blockbox several times, but not yet in Multrinet. I believe it may be an issue with Java. In Blockbox it can be stopped by pressing the button again.
  8. when i try logging in it says 'no enum const class'
  9. I've noted this too. I've corrected a few things that might have caused this behavior. If it occurs again, it would be helpful with a replay.

    Yes, I've experienced this too now. This is a tricky bug and my suspicion is that it is due to the JVM implementation. Those of you that experience this: Which OS are you using?

    This is perfectly doable, but let's write up most of the rules that are well known / that people seem to like as hard-coded presets first. This has a few advantages such as shorter and more informative rule summary strings.

    I would very much appreciate suggestions for presets since I have no experience with say, TetriNET2 for instance. Simply prepare a new room with your preferred settings, and send me the resulting rule summary string.

    The current cap for delay is 2000 ms and for rate it's 1000 Hz. Do I really need to increase any of those?

    I prefer simple logical well-defined units. These criteria include SI units, Hz, ms etc. and excludes frames (MN is 100% event driven), gravity, etc.

    Great ideas. Added them all to the todo.

    Added one secondary button for each rotation.

    Interesting. Can it be stopped that way in MN as well?

    Sorry about this. Unclear why it happened to you. I've fixed your account. Nice score on 40-lines btw.
  10. 1000Hz feels exactly like 100 to me =/

    oh and thanks for the secondary rotate buttons and the shadow piece options

    Anyway keep up the good work =)
  11. something causes me to disconnect sometimes and when i try to log in again it says 'already logged in'. so maybe when you log into an account that's already logged in, the game logs out the first account?
  12. Hmm. That's a shame. I will look further into this. If it boils down to the resolution of the system clock, which iirc is around 20 mz for regular PCs it will be trickiy.

    Would it help if we let, anything over, say 100 Hz, be "infinite rate" and instantly go to the wall?


    Excellent idea. Already working on it.
  13. That's one solution. I assume anyone going over 60hz wants Instant. A more accurate model would involve calling the function to shift multiple times a frame.
  14. Done.

    MN is event driven and has no notion of frames.

    However I've just fixed a bug and uploaded a new version so key repeat might feel better now.

    I've also changed so a key-repeat rate of 100 Hz or above is treated as infinite rate (encoded as full left / right).

    Let me know what you think.
  15. I would argue that the game shouldn't be entirely event driven if you want to accurately simulate certain things, but it is what it is...
  16. Instant gravity is working fine =)
    Is there a specific reason for not allowing wallkicks on 40L?
    I suggest allowing since it messes up finesse if you don't
  17. Good point. Anyone against? Otherwise I'll change it in a few days. I'll preserve the highscore list if possible.

    I have another suggestion as well. Clear hole-games are quite short and involves a lot of luck. How about changing it to be played on a 40 cell high playfield with say, 35 lines of initial garbage? This would minimize the influence of luck. Try it out and let me know what you think.
  18. a request for a quadra-like multiplayer mode? (cascade gravity)
  19. I've added a "ready check box" to the gui now. The count-down (currently still 5 sec) does not start until everybody has ticked "ready". This way we avoid confusion of who's operator if the creater leaves etc. Further more no one needs to click a "start" button or ready button between every game.

    This (and the other gravity modes described at are on the todo.
  20. The clear lines mode requires a lot of luck because there's no hold and the randomizer is memoryless. These conditions combined with the 10-width well make the game very frustrating. Extending it to 35 lines would decrease the variation in times but doesn't increase the fun factor.

    If you want this mode to be fun and allow for consistent fast times, I'd suggest to use the TGM2 randomizer and enable hold. Allowing hold decreases the difficulty greatly, and if that's the case, the starting field height should be increased from 15 to 16 lines.

    I also think that wallkicks should be enabled for most of the modes unless the mode specifically simulates one of the old TetriNET games.

    Bug for clear holes mode?

    The game ends when:
    -the hole on the bottom line isn't blocked (and has line of sight up the column?)
    -there are no enclosed holes in the field

    In the following example, the game ends as soon as this piece is placed.

    However, in this situation, the game doesn't end.

    I believe it's better that the game ends simply when the last garbage row is cleared.

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