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  1. hi plz all friends and tetris programmar i want tetris Ai Game With C# OR C++ who have it or generate it before plz upload to me source code i want it just for project in collage plz faaaaaaaaaast if after 5 min i will be so glad :D thxx for all
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    Trying to cheat in a school project?
  3. why not i want any solution i try so much time but fail it so hard and i'm not so good in c# i think this forum have this open source
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  4. any help plz
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    Nullpomino is open source, but I don't think it has an AI.

    Couldn't your teacher just google the code and find you're cheating?
  6. nvm try to help me man and find it i think he will not care about i'm cheat or not he want me get it this all
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  8. It has three, actually.

  9. can u send me any link to see ?
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  11. thxx man but i search for ai vergion
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  12. i want something with code : c# or c++ OR C nOT jAVA anD Apllication for pc
  13. Sorry, you won't be finding something like that here. Nullpomino's Java source code should give sufficient examples for you to look at in writing your own code in C#.

    Best of luck to you in your studies.
  14. i don't need nullpomino i want other like i share in youtube >>> it's freelancer do it not any public company so i think it can find it there or any releaze topic about it
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  15. ^^
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  16. So you come onto the board out of nowhere having made no substantial contributions to the community and you ask for people to provide with a Tetris AI to rip off in attempt to cheat your way into passing a class? Well, while Kitaru might wish you good luck in your studies, I would prefer that you just get the fuck out of here and never come back.
  17. [​IMG]
    Are you level 0 ?

    Also, Java is close enough to C++/C# to be readable even if you don't write Java.

    Do your homework kid, that's how it works in real life.
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    fucking stupid guys if u can't help him say i can't or not reply

    :@ :@
  19. I dunno, personally I thought Kevin's post raised the standards of the thread a little bit...
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