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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Mr.BiroOoOo, 23 Dec 2010.

  1. lazy jerks are funny.
  2. Frankly, we've already given more than enough help. If you can't take a page from that Java source and get good headway in how you're supposed to write something that gets the same results in C#, you won't get far in the real world.

    If you had come to this board asking about some technical problem you had run into during the course of your assignment, I'm sure everyone here would be happy to discuss it with you. That's not what is going on here; this is you trying to get strangers to do your work.
  3. I still think the "5 minutes" was the funniest part.
  4. orz


    to be fair do you really believe at all that homework guy is going to feel owned after he reads this like do you think someone who does this has the capacity to read a statement and feel owned i mean the guy doesnt even want to do a simple homework assignment what makes you think he is going to read this and take a pretty long sentence in and process why youre saying this to him and how he should feel
  5. lol

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