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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Thanks Jake, I will keep at it. I spend most of my time practicing on level 19 now, I can usually get at least one 500k+ transition (18-19) in a given session, but my 19+ play is hit or miss.
  2. despite the fact i cant upload photographic proof, kristen just made a new PR: 975,094. ONE AWAY!
  3. new PR for Kristen. 975,094 - 233 lines. Please update leader board accordingly. Thanks!

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  4. Fantastic Kristen - that's awesome. I have no idea what your (and Jake's) secret is. Your rapid rate of improvement is incredible. Seriously though, if you have any secrets about a certain way to practice, do share.

    Great job AaronC. 19-3? That's huge! I remember when 19-2 was a goal of mine and took me a very long time. I've only achieved 19-3 once, and didn't try it too many times since. Too much of a let-down over and over.
  5. 975k is insane, congrats Kristen!
  6. Thanks, it took me forever, and you are right the more you try the harder is becomes because you are less warmed up from barely moving any pieces in 99% of the games lol
  7. Thanks Frank and Aaron C!! No secrets other than practice. Sometimes time away from the NES can be beneficial. I think she went about 1.5 weeks or so without playing at all and then ripped off the 975k. Also....In the beginning I used to get nervous when treading into deep water (LV 25+) with a strong score. This happens to many players actually.....But you have to learn to keep your emotions in check and tune that out. Let your cognitive functioning take control from start to finish, then celebrate afterwards when you get that MAX!
  8. I'm late on everything nowadays, but props to Kristen. Knockin'!
  9. Hello everybody; I came for a greeting, just to let you know I'm not dead XD
    I'm still playing for the max, but the closest I got was something around 965k at level 28, waiting for a line piece that never came.


    Edit: link 964k at 226 lines.
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  10. Looking forward to seeing you max out, 965k is pretty damn awesome!
  11. Got my 4th 700k+ game, ended up with 759,506. Was hoping to finally hit the 800k barrier, but blew it at the end. Oh well, I will have to settle for my second best score. Started on level 9 this time, please excuse my profanity at the end after I top out. Its nice to know that at 39 years old, I am still capable of throwing a tantrum lol.

  12. your "tantrum" doesnt even phase me.

    well played man! great score. keep playing and you will conquer those nerves.

    i noticed your profile says your highest 3 scores are 788k, 759k, and 736k. this is a great night for you indeed! you got two of your best games ever- in a single night! not only that but you had our 4th 700k+ game the same evening! is this your tetrising pinnacle (so far)? must feel goooooood.
  13. Haha, I wish those scores were in the same evening. I just haven't turned my NES off in weeks. Thanks for the props, I am going to hit that 800k mark if it kills me. I am putting together several 200-300k level 19 start games in the 80-120 lines range daily now, so I don't know why I cant have one of those when it comes time to transition from 18 to 19.
  14. Old-school as fuck, yo. B)
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  15. Thank you. You are scoring high too, congratulations!
  16. Haha, whats even worse is I have 2 NES systems with 2 Tetris cartridges going, and I havent turned either off for weeks, and they are both plugged into a back up power UPS in case the power blips LOL. Sad I know.
  17. New PR! Almost made the kill screen for the first time.
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  18. I can't imagine why anyone would NOT want to max out the score, but apparently some people would like to keep track of scores over a million. So here you go:


    Use this code with a Game Genie and NES Tetris.

    When you reach a million, your score will read A00,000

    1,100,000 = B00,000
    1,200,000 = C00,000

    And so on.

    Technically, if you reach 1.6 million, your score will revert back to 999,999. But I don't think that is even possible. I almost never post these without testing them on real systems, but I am not about to slave away at a max just to verify this thing. It works on emulators, though. Terry, Bo, try it out for me ;)

    And P-Town Tom! Nice bump! Looks like you are mastering Level 19. Exciting times, kncoking on the door to 800k. Quite a remarkable accomplishment, considering you haven't hit a killscreen yet. I was stuck in the 600s for years whilst limping my way to killscreens.

    Well done, Mr. Vaughn.
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  19. Awesome!! Would be nice to see a new leaderboard for scores over 999,999. The true high scores! :)
  20. Well done, Tom! Keep the scores coming! Getting that first kill screen is super satisfying. You'll love it. :D

    You do some great side projects for our NEStris/SNEStris community, Josh. Thanks for all of your work!

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