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  1. Well done sir! Bring that with you to Portland!
  2. SuPa got 1.2 million!

    Should this be qualified for the earliest max? It took him Level 25 + 5.34 lines to reach 999,999 points. Haven't I heard of a Level 24 max? Do you have to post it yourself to get credit? Did Thor post?

    Either way, in case you missed it, you're gonna want to see this:
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  3. Legendary game, one of the best ever. Harry makes things look so easy.
  4. Level 00 max-out! I used my hard drop ROM mod, which is the only shenanigans involved (hard-dropping for double drop points), but I also was using a Game Genie code to screw up the colors, which didn't affect the game (except to make it funner!).

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  5. OK, I did a sweep of updates. Also fixed up some screwy duplicate entries in the leaderboard. Let me know if I missed anything!
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  6. This is a cool replay. Congrats! :)

    Since we have a couple of videos coming in that do involve some minor modifications, I think I'll clarify where I will draw the line for inclusion. Stuff like the "letter scores after max-out" code are harmless as far as game rules go and don't give any special information like DAS counter values that you wouldn't have access to during the main game, so I think this is fine. Things like crazy color palettes also don't bother me too much (but anyone is free to chime in if they have points in opposition). However, if there is any alteration to game rules or flow, then I'll consider it a derivative/remixed game and exclude it from the main ranking. (In this instance: hard dropping has a minimal but non-zero impact on scoring, but -- perhaps more importantly -- will also skew the randomization in ways that would be inaccessible in the vanilla game sans instant drop. It's unknown whether the change in block placement timing will result in more or less favorable randomizer character, but either way it would be unquestionably different than anything that could be accomplished on the original cartridge.)

    Either way, feel free to post other miscellaneous NES Tetris A-Type videos and discussion here. I just wanted to clear up the stance on what will qualify scores for the leaderboard. :)
  7. I agree completely with everything said here.

    I wouldn't think of a game played with a hard-drop mod as anything official, for the reasons you stated, but personally, for my own records, I do consider this my fifteenth max-out (yes, I still keep track! :p) and a contender for one of the best games I've ever played.

    And obviously I wanted to share it because it is so damn cool B) (if I may say so myself). I've heard several people over the years ask about a Level 00 max-out, and at least there is one now, however unofficial it may be. Bo Steil once said, "If anyone actually cared about starting on Level 00, the record would be 999,999."
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  8. Level 09 start max! And my earliest, too, at 27 + 9.31 lines :D Here is a trimmed copy of just the max.

    Just for the record, in case anyone is interested, I have maxes starting on Level 00, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 18. I intend to fill in those blanks between 13 and 18, and hopefully get a 19, too. I should have had a max from 14 in this same video, but had a slight oops early on Level 27 with about 930k.

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  9. We haven't had a new maxout player in almost a year... let's go people!
  10. Hi,

    Ended up watching a bunch of the CTWC videos and was entertained, so fired up the emulator to see what I can do, started level 9, decided I wanted to hit 300k before starting from a higher level, nearly skipped straight to 400k, oh well:

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  11. Maybe the drought is about to end...

  12. my fastest max-out, at level 25 + 6.67 lines. (transition: 653,320)

    I believe SQR will be the first player of DAS style max-out in Japan.
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  13. Well done Koryan. What an awesome game!
  14. Not as exciting as Koryan's crazy early max, but I got a max on level 27 + 7.46 lines. New PR for me.

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  15. Congrats Aaron.

    I got 24 consecutive Tetres on Level 15. I tried hard to make it 25, but I died. Video is really laggy, gonna have to re-think how I capture vids going forward :/

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  16. finally I got 1.2M !!! (but didn't reach Jonas' WR 1,211,402 points so close)
    and max-out at level 25 + 3.37 lines WR ! (transition: 695,080)

    Aaron, congrats on level 27 max-out!
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  17. Insane game, well done!
  18. 364,553 starting on level 9, maxed-out @ level 16

    this game is fun, I had no idea they got it so right back in 89 haha
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  19. [​IMG]

    Level 9 start. 464720. Level 19 end.
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  20. I'd like to bump a little bit up the list :)

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