NES Tetris - unfair piece statistics

Thread in 'Strategy' started by bmw, 21 May 2015.

  1. bmw


    Seriously, how is one supposed to get a decent score with piece counts that look like this?


    It sure seems like the game is consistently stingy with the straight-I pieces
  2. LCK


    It's just the nature of the RNG. Pure evil.
  3. O Z O S J O O O O S Z L O O J O S Z O O J O I L O Z O O
    ^ Had that when I played SNES Tetris & Dr Mario. Never again.
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  4. check out my signature- that was a real piece chain i got right when i started playing again
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  5. Stupid game loves to give me like 2-3 O pieces in a row all. the. time.

    Its other favorite hobby is giving me many, many Z/S pieces in a row.

    Bonus points if it does both, one right after the other.

    Can't wait until this starts happening once I get to the higher levels. :||||
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  6. I've found that the game gives me the most I pieces compared to other pieces...
  7. LCK


    Either trolling or lucky.
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  8. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Some people just seem have good and bad RNG karma with games that collect entropy during gameplay.

    Many tetris games will not do this, so they can give both players the same piece sequence in VS play.

    I do believe it was actually determined that on either game boy tetris, or NES tetris the game was slightly stingy with the I pieces. However, since you need ten pieces to from a tetris, that is not much of an issue. The frame you start the game on, and the frame you place each piece determines what comes up. So you make you own luck while playing NES tetris, though it's hard to figure out exactly how to take advantage of it. You can see demonstrations of this on TASvideos. Of course you can't do that in realtime.

    Eventually you will have a game where everything just seems to go your way until you can't handle the speed.

    If you go back and play sega tetris, you will realize just how kind NES tetris usually is, since it does have code that tries to avoid direct repeats.

    More often than not i feel it's the speed that kills me in NES tetris A-type. And i nearly always get the UFO if I start on level 8.
  9. Learn your levels at certain paces, and if it looks like you're not gonna get your desired I-block, ham up the hole and clear a few singles to survive. It's possible to survive the unrelenting nature of RNG-sus - just tricky without a lot of insight.
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  11. I think it's definetaly trolling. I just got zzzoooo.

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