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  1. I feel I should continue the work from @nicofromtokyo and give some 2016 objectives.

    Previous year objectives

    TAP :
    TAP Orange GM
    Reach S9 before 800
    TGM+ finished in sub 10 minutes
    Big mode 500
    5 Death GMs in a row
    Make a TAP run without dying

    And get that TC project working at last

    Extra objective : doubles sub 5 done (thanks @Amnesia)

    Next year :

    Finish the translation of EoO
    Specialu thingu
    Memorization techniques

    TAP :
    Big mode 20g 300
    and the rest

    NES Tetris PAL :
    Clear twenty lines in level 19
    Reach 600,000

    NES Tetris NTSC :
    Level 18 transition at 500,000

    TGM 3 :
    Road to GM
    Shirashi donburi

    DTET :

    TGM1 :
    Sub 9:45

    What about you guys?
  2. Here are my 2016 goals:

    • Master Mode: M
    • Death Mode: M

    • Sub 11-minute Gm
  3. TGM1: Gm

    • S5 or better
    • Death 400
    • m1 or better
    • Shirase 500+
    • Sub 6-minute Sakura ALL
  4. TGM1 GM
    Death 450
    Shirase 400
    NES: 400k

    Low goals this year. +37 levels in death, +17 in shirase. But expecting to reach 500 is a bit too much as of yet I think. I still feel the two games in one night that went to 400 in death was just a fluke.
  5. I have no clue as to what I could manage in a year with my games being so inconsistent but I'll try to create some goals as to where I'd like to be:

    TGM1: GM (I'll be pretty disappointed if I don't get it.)
    TAP Master: S6.
    TAP DEATH: Level 400 (Maybe 500 if I work on my speed a bit.)
    Ti Master: Qualified S6, Provisional M1.
    Ti Shirase: S4.
    IRL: Not ded.
  6. Here are my 2016 tetris goals: none ^^
  7. You don't want that terror instinct stuff?
  8. TGM1:
    • Sub-10-minute GM
    • Orange Line GM (preferably sub-8-minutes, but I'll take what I can get!)
    • Sub-6-minute Death GM
    If I'm extra extra motivated, I want a perfect Texmaster save. Well, only as far as what the stats to the right of the play frame can say (so I'll settle for non-orange-line special GM) and I don't really have a goal for novice mode since there's no (possible) displayed maximum.

    Aside from TGM:
    • Become a dan-level Go player (Current: KGS 3 kyu)
    • Get into Beatmania IIDX
    • More seriously practice playing musical instruments
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  9. Death M (gm?)
    Master M (gm?)
    Acquire ti.

    Other games:
    Finally make it back to masters in SC2
    Not suck at pinball.
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  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    TGM : 9min35

    TI MASTER : MO or MV sub 5min00 (not logged)
    TI SHIRASE : S13 in 5min20
  11. :o
    Should we have a match at some point? I used to be 10k!
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  12. TGM: GM
    TGM 20G: Level 999
    T.A. Death: 300, maybe 400
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  13. Tap sub 9:00
  14. Besides getting the TGM1 GM my goals are more kond of inviting more friends over to play and visit stuff like the Eindhoven meeting.

    And work on the tc records system... Maybe... ;)
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  15. Hexion: counterstop
  16. Last year:
    Well I got death 280ish this year, and tgm 20g 8xx, I'm STILL trying to consistently get death 200 lol. While I'm not gunning for TGM GM this year, my goals are just to play more often, and enjoy the game.
  17. CPN


    Why not gun for GM? If you can get into the 800s in 20g, you can almost certainly do it....
  18. I'm not consistent during 300-500 levels, and I probably can get 999 but I wont be able get GM yet.
  19. TGM GM
    TAP S8 or higher
    Death M
    Ti Master or higher
    Shirase 1200

    All of these except for the TAP stuff should be easy.

    I am also looking to be a dan level go player, small world! Though I have a further road, I'm currently hovering between 6 or 8 kyu.
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  20. TGM1: I haven't been able to get sub-10 reliably. First half needs work, 20G play is mostly okay, NO WASTING TIME AT LEVEL STOPS

    TGM2: Death sub-6 min.

    Ti: Qualified M
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