Northern California Summer TGM 2012 Meeting (Planning)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 4 Jul 2012.

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    you snore awfully, that's a fact. i never forgot my earplug !:V
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    Well, we'll figure out something with hotels. Worst comes to worst I'll get earplugs or something.

    Anyway, flights have been purchased and time off work is put in, so I'm officially a go for the trip.
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    eh? :confused:
  5. Just to quickly confirm the plans so far:

    Sunday August 12th @ 12PM: Meet at Game Center in San Mateo -- $7 at the door to use Free Play cabs and console setups.
    Wednesday August 15th @ 3PM: Meet at SouthTown Arcade in San Francisco -- venue price vs. coin drop TBD; puzzle games are usually set at 25 cents.

    Quick poll for SouthTown attendees: Puyo Puyo 2 or Mr. Driller G? I'm going with Puyo Puyo 2 for now -- pester me if you feel otherwise. :3
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  6. bah...broke my hand about 11 days ago....can't play for 3 more weeks... :( guess i'm forced to sit this one out!
  7. Nooooo! D: Why do the fates conspire against us once more?

    Sorry to hear man -- here's hoping you can make the next one! :(
  8. me too man! I hope another one isn't too far off...even if we just have a meet of norcal folks...and also, it sucks that the classic nes tetris tourney is in portland this year....i was actually gonna go this time!
  9. I can probably goto one but not both. Is the southtown event looking to be the more popular choice for people?
  10. Come to the Game Center event. We need as many people as possible.
  11. The GameCenter day actually has a pretty nice headcount going for it. The totals on the FB event listings are extremely deceiving at the moment: 1) a handful of people haven't updated their attending status there, and 2) there are a few people that don't have Facebook accounts that have sent attendance confirmations through other channels.
  12. I feel for you.

    Go to the Gamecenter one unless you like cramped places and sweaty players who don't know what deodorant is.
  13. So some news: I asked about helping out with setup and the owner said it would be swell if we could come a bit early to do that. No on the night before since NCI will be happening Sat. I've confirmed that paying $7 does get us access to other free play cabs. What's this about needing rides??? Lastly, who is going? A headcount before the event happens will help out immensely in determining how much space we need. I'll check back again Sat. afternoon but all details need to be ironed out before Sat. night including the issue about transportation. <------ Deadline
  14. i'll prioritize going to the san mateo meet then. the only thing preventing me from 100% confirming is that I might be a family event on sunday.
  15. also i'll be coming from the santa cruz area via the 17 to the 85 to the 101N. I could potentially give people rides
  16. Was fun, guys. Wish I had my camera there, but had a very busy weekend and couldn't pack it!
  17. Yeah I had so much fun on Sunday. It was great to hang out with you guys again and meet new people. The venue was really cool andi may have to start making trips out there regularly cause persona arena was pretty fun and I'd be interested in learning it.

    I'll most likely be going to the south town meeting as well so I can give kan a ride to the airpoas well. Also since I'm driving another2 hours I don't want to hear about people not wanting to go cause it's going to be at south town. *pokes entropy*.
  18. I'm somewhat tired, delirious, and overwhelmed, but I just want to say these past three days have been fantastic. Here's to keeping the ball rolling on into the next few days, and thanks to everyone for helping make this event a hit on all sixes!
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    So how is it going dudes !!!?!
    pics !!
    vid !!
    how is KAN ?.

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