Phantom Mania Cleared

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Question_Mark, 3 May 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    You may or may not remember me from a few months ago. Anyways I've been playing more invisible Tetris and successively broke MasterV and MasterO over the past three months. Today, something interesting happened. And by interesting, I mean insane.

    Page Zircean, because Phantom Mania has been beaten. :D

    I made MM for the first time ever, kept playing, cleared 999, and finished the credit roll. This is my biggest jump ever (my best before this was 762). Also got Silver SK, to top it off - and for the curious, 26 perfect clears (2 during the credit roll).

    Since I finished the game and the credits, the grade shows up as an orange-line MM (yes, you can get those on MM in Phantom Mania) - the highest grade before GM.


    Obviously, all that's left to do now is get GM - which is going to involve a lot more Tetrises, and of course a completely different strategy. But for now, I'm more than satisfied with this performance, and you should be too. :) Spread the word, tell your friends, and... well, enjoy!

  2. Congrats, nice run! Amusing how much you suddenly slow down once you're into new PB territory :p

    Still curious to how you'd fare without 7-bag, but it's not like anyone else has broken 500 under any settings as far as I know. And 5:20 for 999 levels of 20G SRS is a pretty quick time as well.
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  3. Thanks for the reply Rosti.

    QM, you already know what I think :D
  4. That's an insane run, QM!

    Now I can't wait to see the GM run.
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  6. wrong thread user, this is the one where he posted a thing that is plausibly legit but used non-standard settings (bag randomizer) is where he starts his heel turn is where he starts posting galaxy brain stuff is where jago explains how normal humans use memory of loci
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  7. thank you very much for the links kitaru. i had missed all this.

    reading them i see that most posters here think Question_Mark a fraud. the game play is too strong, while both the explanations and proof are too weak.

    explanations are strictly immaterial to the balance between game play and proof, although i'm glad they've been offered and analyzed.

    we can update our veracity evaluation when Question_Mark performs at a meetup large or small; or to a lesser degree, when another player clears phantom mania x (hahah!!!1234!#).
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