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  1. It's OK, there are airplanes that can send Kevin directly to the game. ;)

    Shackled by the Guidelines and a deadline to be a launch title in Japan. General consensus is "not a bad Tetris game, not a true TGM title." One benefit includes a Doubles mode without the wacky control/physics bugs from TGM2+ (but also without separate level counter system if I recall correctly?), which was unfortunately not available in TGM3. Despite ARS being gimped with SRS colors, nearly infinite move reset (128 actions before insta-lock), and a 7 Bag randomizer, it has modes that go fast if that's what you're after (particularly Another & Another 2).
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  2. Tell Mihara to be a good kid and to send me the game here, I don't have money to fly there xD
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  3. TGM3 omega would be a good opportunity to introduce that intermediate skill curve. For people who go very slow + world+hold getting to 500 should be doable. As monolithic as "the tetris company" sounds, they actually haven't done a ton of traditional game marketing. EA's mobile tetris was just "tetris with puzzle game mode". TU, for all its' faults almost had life it the matchmaking/ranking was better, although it's death has been overstated since you can still find games in queue more often than not. TTC has done a great job of getting tetris onto every device under the sun, including airplane seats and hotel room remotes, but they have not leveraged the natural competitiveness in tetris that has arisen in recent years. The number of gamers and non-gamers who have sunk hours into playing TF or TB or DS multiplayer is absolutely huge, but every few years TTC lets them get bored and the population resets. I know that's mp and not TGM, but the point is they have never put out a trailer or press release* tantalizing players with climbing a leaderboard, reach top rank, get your team to #1, handle the speed/challenge mode, etc. It's always "Now tetris is on this console! OMG! Listen to that theme! Look at the colors! Now with FOUR modes!".

    * Their rhetoric towards TU is getting schizophrenic. Remeber how they mentioned the master rules/mode in press releases but it was nowhere to be found in the ps4/xbone versions, just like the entire pc version? They have an esl exhibition of all things, but don't even have ESL form a league, when esl had an unnoficial TF league for the longest time? At least kevin is the first professional tetris player...
  4. Seriously though, if this means TGM3 arcade machines for sale in the US without having to import them I'm all for it. If it happens to be released on more reliable hardware or with less input lag, even better.
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    i vageuely recall that typex-0 has less latency then previous type-x, and i know for a fact it's got enough juice to run TGM3 (it's an nvidia ION nettop board, and i've tested TGM3 on one)

    who knows?
  6. TGM3's lag is a software problem not a hardware problem please don't spread misinformation.
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    it's been like a million years can we just get an actual fuckin new tgm game lol
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  8. The upcoming loctest (codename/working title TGM2015) is all based off content from the previous TGM4 loctests thus far, so the ideas may have folded together somewhat.
  9. It would still be cool to get bug fixed Shirase, but I'd happily settle for Rounds.
  10. Are we still buying into Mihara's bluff? ;)
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    Ah yes, the "bug" where the guy who wrote the code didn't get the memo about the game continuing past 1300 and didn't write a single line of code to that effect
  12. Yeah that. At best they could claim that they accidentally shipped a non final version.
  13. There was a location test announcement?! What was the time/place/link? :o

    I was under the impression that all they did was show off screenshots and hint at stuff.
  14. It's on their Twitter. Exact details to be finalized this week, but it should be in LA around the time of E3.
  15. Wow. Guess that AGDQ segment really caught a few eyes. Can't say I expect an arcade release of anything to do well in the U.S. until we get access to a decent variety of modern machines, but I'll do my part and buy a TGM2015 cabinet.
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    I'm rather confused on what's happening now. First there was talk about tgm3 omega, which was apparently a translated and bugfixed tgm3. but it's clear tt what's going to be at the location test is based on tgm4, since the tweets mention tgm4 modes,and now called tgm2015.

    Now one possibility is that the two are separate games, and that tgm3 omega needs no location test, because everyone already knows what tgm3 is like, and there are two games upcoming. On the other hand it seems silly to have two tgm games released in short succession.

    So guess we will have to wait and see what arcade game actually gets released. Was really looking forward to seeing bugfixed shirase with that torikan beaten.
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    10 years after the release of the game it feels more like a retcon than a bugfix, to be honest.

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