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  1. Hello,

    My name is Stijn Van Coillie developer of Quatros Origins.
    I love arcade games and the "easy to play, hard to master" attitude.

    Quatros Origins is a block puzzle game that tries to reconnect with the good old days
    where classic puzzle games were simple and easy, but hard to master!
    We want to give you a new take on block puzzles, literally giving it 'a spin'.

    In Quatros every piece you place has an impact on all sides, making it an extra challenge and makes you rethink all your strategies.
    As if it wasn't hard enough, we implemented multiplier blocks so the more "special" blocks you got the higher your score on a line. (for hardcore players like yourself!)

    We really want to explore all possibilities with this game concept.
    So every backing/share/tweet/... would mean so much to us!

    I think you guys or the people to talk to about this and ask for feedback/support.
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  2. Glad you've dropped the -tris name for the game and gone for something that'll be a lot less of a lawsuit magnet.

    I still think the game is interesting and the concept shows promise, somewhat curious to know how things have developed since I tried it out and gave feedback around 10 months ago.
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  3. I remember that feedback! It was very helpfull! Not only for the "-tris" mention.
    But for how you thought about the controller and looking ahead 3 blocks so you can have a strategy.

    I gave the game a little rest, so I could rework on it with a open mind.
    I worked on a lot of things for the couple of months in my free time ( score system, gameplay, control inputs, usp, ...).

    Thanks again for the respons!
  4. It certainly looks interesting. Though I have a few questions to ask:
    1. What peripherals will be supported in the final product? I see you've gotten keyboard support and are working on controller (I assume xbox 360) support yet would you also consider full support for peripherals such as arcade sticks and other obscure forms of input?
    2. Looking at the high scores mention in the tier rewards, would said high scores be a personal best? Top # locally or a full online leaderboard?
    3. Going deeper in to the leaderboard topic, would there also be replays? (Possibly even tying them into said leaderboards?)
    4. Is the game's code tied to the frame-rate? If so, what is it's cap?
    5. Regarding multiplayer, would it be local, Peer to Peer connections or through a dedicated server (If so, would these servers be hosted by the community or yourselves?)
    6. If the multiplayer is online, would the focus of the online multiplayer be more towards casual fun or a rank/rating system for more hardcore players?
    7. What game modes would be available at release? I assume you'd have the basic mode such as marathon and ultra but I'm also curious as to what "Hidden arcade mode" is.
    Sorry if it feels like I'm interrogating you, I just want to be sure of a few things before putting some money/attention down.
  5. Hello, Its very good you ask questions, makes me think deeper about some parts of the game.

    For the moment I'm working on the input controllers, I got XBox, NES, SNES and PS( playstation not finished yet),
    but I'm always open to implement other requested controllers. Because for a game like this it can mean a big differents.

    For the high scores, etc...
    In the game there will be different end animations depending on your highscore. If you reach for example over "100.000" youll get the basic animation, etc...
    Recarding of this, there will be a local highscore system and a online leaderboard (best week, month, ...). All of this is already in the system, even got a facebook ranking system.
    But these are things I wanted to ask my backers in how far they want this to go, like you said "replays" would be a nice touch! (didnt thought about it)

    The game runs on 60fps easily (even with 4 platforms on the same time). But I love optimizing and will keep doing this, nothing worse then having a bad fps on game type like this.

    I have to say for the multiplayer modes that I have yet to start on them, the basic is been written (multiple platforms and input). But I have to do a lot of homework before going deep in to this.
    But Im gomna implement a local mode where you can sit with 4friends an play against each other
    and an online multiplayer system. A lot has to be brainstormed about on how I implement these things, personally I like the casual fun and play. But I can imagine for hardcore gamers that they want to the best and proving it.

    For the game modes! I'm putting in a few modes (like the marathon mode) but I will be unlockebles. By getting a certain score you'll be unlocking games (no other way to unlock them, just like the good old days).
    I'm open for certain game modes the people really want. I will ask in the campaign time a lot of questions and request for the game.
    And "Hidden arcade mode", will be a tribute to the good old days of arcade. I dont want to give to much away

    You asked a lot of good question and to the point. I hoop most of it has been clarified.
    If not, shoot away.

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