Question: Everyone here play with Joystick?

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  1. Hello guyz,

    I have a question. Everyone here play with Arcade Joystick, Like i watch KevinDDR replay? It is must?

    I wanted to know all the ways you play Tetris. (Keyboard, another joysticks, Mouse or every other stuff you use to improve your gameplay :)

  2. It isn't a must. Though seeing as the TGM series is meant to be arcade games, an arcade stick is what the intended input was meant to be. a keyboard would work just as well though I don't really think anyone would judge you if you used anything different.
  3. No, not everyone is playing with a joystick.
  4. It's a good way to reproduce the arcade experience :p while it helps, I don't think it's "necessary". A chinese player named Rabbit Reisen got both Classic and World GM in TGM3 using a keyboard, and while we're at it World rules (Tetris DS, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc.) are easier to play with a keyboard I think.
  5. There may even be a slight advantage to keyboard for TGM1, but generally speaking it's much easier to make placements on stick for TGM2/3. It's also incomparably more fun to play on arcade stick. It's worth the time investment to learn the muscle memory, although I'd suggest maybe starting with TAP so you don't form bad habits like me.
  6. Thank you all i appreciate it. :)
    im trying to play with my keyboard i have a lot of work to do
  7. I think bulletnick did Shirase S13 with keyboard, too.
  8. A pretty significant portion of this community plays on keyboard.
    I personally use a stick with real hardware. To me, it's the way the game was meant to be played.

    Keyboard is probably a more optimal input method though. "Tapping" can be performed faster on buttons than it can a stick, and joystick bounceback is not a problem with keyboard players. However, I have heard far more keyboard players complain about hand/wrist pain than joystick users.

    Notable keyboard players, off of the top of my head:
    @FeV (Death GM,TAP Master GM)
    @eskatre (TAP Master GM)
    @Nick (Shirase S13)
    @kai (GDQ Runner, sometimes plays stick)
    @EIHoppe (GDQ runner. can also use a joystick)
    @12 (TGM3 GM)

    @Altimor uses a hitbox, which has all the advantages of a keyboard.
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  9. My first TAP Master and Death GM were on keyboard.
  10. I played keyboard for years until I switched to stick. Keyboard, while not the intended controls, is really good for TGM1, T.A. Death, and Shirase.
  11. Basically, keyboard is good for any mode without Sonic drop
  12. Keyboard is fine for all modes in TGM, especially Sonic drop imo.

    My binds:
    WASD + NumPad Arrows

    W.: Alt Up, usually unbinded in case I mistype, Unused
    A.: Left
    S.: Soft Drop/Down
    D.: Right

    Num 4: Rotate Left
    Num 5: Sonic Drop/Up
    Num 6: Rotate Right
    Num 8: Hold (TGM3/Friends Only)
    Num 7: Extra Rotate, Unused
  13. Jii


    Invidual taps are easier to do with keyboard. I'd say get mechanical keyboard if you haven't already.
  14. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper late to the party but yeah, you can get S13 on keyboard if you stick with it long enough.
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  15. He can get s13 :), im far away from this level.

    btw, thank you for your answers!
  16. K


    Never really played with keyboard.. i'm used to it with m-roll training at work but that's pretty much :p

    TGM2 (TAP) introduced sonic drop with up direction in low G, thus allow Zangi-moves : You can't efficiently perform those moves and do time attack with a Keyboard (eg : TAP and TGM3 Master Mode), but in all 20G stuff, you can perform even better than a joystick wich have directional constriction.
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