Tournament: Sakura Tetris: The Grand Master (TGM3 Tourney @ SakuraCon09)

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  1. Presented by Kevin Birrell and TetrisConcept:

    This tournament will take place on a Tetris the Grand Master 3 kindly provided by the most excellent arcade operator in the Pacific Northwest, Masterman Vending!

    Seeding will take place via . In this mode, you get a Hanabi score by making fireworks launch in the background by playing for 200 levels (which are pieces dropped + lines cleared). Players will be seeded by their scores in this mode, .

    The main mode of gameplay in this tournament will be . Each match in the will be a single (this means you play until someone tops out) .

    In this game, there are four you can choose from when you play:

    Players will recieve items during play with which they can attack their opponents a la Tetris DS, Tetris Party, or TetriNET.
    Players will send more garbage to their opponent when they clear multiple lines with one piece.
    Players will recieve less garbage when their opponents send it by clearing multiple lines with one piece.
    just selects one of the above rule sets.

    In this tournament, players will be allowed to . Try out each before the tournament if you want to see their effects!

    These are to be determined! Expect the usual SakuraCon tournament prizes, though.

    Also to be determined! The schedule is not out yet so I don't know when the tournament will be. Expect it to run for about 3-4 hours.

    Of course, this is the As a result, some great players from outside of Washington are coming to SakuraCon to attend this historic event!


    Kitaru is a very accomplished player from California. He is arguably one of the best TGM1 and TGM2+ players in the US, with the third fastest TGM1 one GM and TGM2+ Death M grade of any player in the country.


    Mat is a player from Oregon who zealously accomplishes ridiculous Tetris feats on a regular basis. He was the to accomplish a TGM2+ Death M grade. He is also m5 rated in TGM3 and incredibly powerful in all manners of Tetris.

    We're looking at a limit of 32 or 64 players depending on how many people are interested in this!
    If you're interested , please post in this thread!

    So this is what's posted on the Sakura-Con boards. Yup!
  2. For me its a big fat "maybe", since I cannot take a bus, because instead of missing on day of class, I would miss 3.
    I would prefer to fly, but I am unable to find anything much under $300, which could be a stretch for me.

    I really, really want to go, and I will update you when I get the chance.

    Also, my mother would just be a little worried since I would be traveling alone, still trying to convince her, looks like a 50/50 chance right now.
  3. I updated this with the relevant info and stuff! Yeah! Go me! Woo!
  4. Cool thing. You should post a video of TGM 3 VS mode (Dehacked has some) to illustrate what TGM is.
  5. It's a big fat maybe for me, too. Perhaps a link to SakuraCon's relevant information (i.e., location, date, cost if any, etc) would be useful.
  6. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    For the record, Defense mode sucks. What it actually does is a Del Field Lower for each better-than-single line clear you make. A double will knock 1 line off the bottom of your stack, for example. Not only does this easily screw you up if you're near the bottom if your stack formation suddenly disappears into the bottom of your screen, it's a slow process - like receiving garbage except in reverse. Maybe slightly slower.

    Don't use it.

  7. Yeah defense makes you impotent at attacking and slows you down with the constant clear animations and reduced proportion of levels that are from line clears. It's only remotely useable if you're cocky and think your opponent will die of his own hand before he can reach the goal.

    Both players choosing defense is ZZzzzzz....
  8. *sigh*

    Have fun everyone...I'm quite doubtful that my parents will give me the green light to road trip it with Kitaru.
  9. Disappointing the words of Digital, if in any way possible, "be prepared to make sacrifices for this game...".

    Of course if you can't make it because your parents won't let you I totally understand, that's fine.
  10. Got back after being away all weekend expecting a bump here... Guess you guys were too busy having fun to post anything. [​IMG] Looking forward to hearing the stories.
  11. I'll expand on everything later tonight probably. Depends on if Tada's online.
  12. Unrelated but Radish wanted to compare with my section times so:


    Can you spot the odd one out? And I'm not talking about the S7.

    I'm still watching the matches. Thanks for uploading them!
  13. Ai


    I wish I could have been there with you guys. And congrats winning the tournament tada!
  14. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    20,000 people were there? i had no idea it was so big.
  15. That video was hilarious. I'll probably post my videos from Securacon (as the lady in the video said it) later today.
  16. Ezzelin: awesome, thanks. Do you know if there's a way to integrate your videos in my playlist so that all the tournament videos are in the same place?
  17. You can add videos from other people to your playlist, you realize.

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