Seattle November 2008 TC Meeting - 11/21 @ 5pm - 10pm

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  1. So I know mat_ and some Oregonians are coming to Acme Bowl on Friday the 21st for an all-day Ti party or something. I also know that there's quite a few TC members in driving distance of Acme Bowl. Anyone interested in having a "meeting" of sorts on this day? Hopefully we can get a few people together...maybe even I'll get the meeting with Bill Masterman and the Acme staff to coordinate with that day so they can see the community and we can discuss with them tournament options.

    - TGM3 is provided by Acme
    - No freeplay, sorry :G
    - Maybe this will convince Acme to have tournaments?
    - Sanwa sticks: not so much sorry guys :G
    - Bring TDS! Bring laptops! We will viva la party!!!!!!!!!!

    Please post if you plan on going this day. I'll be there from 6pm onwards.

    matt_hatter83 + Oregon people

    Anyone else?

  2. Friday is a no-go for me, and really weird regardless. Why not Saturday or Sunday?

    (I won't be able to make it regardless, regrettably; it's too far and too expensive of a drive)
  3. Well, I can be there. But that is strange that people from Oregon will be able to make it up for a Friday. I've made the drive before, and it's quite long. Are you sure they can all make it?
  4. kapat

    kapat Unregistered

    i'll be there for sure, like every weekend from now on anyways. too bad my bowling ally doen'st have the game, otherwise i'd MAKE the party and we'd all bowl for free. [​IMG]
  5. I'm surprised the Oregon players have not posted yet...regardless, when do you guys want to meet? 5pm onwards sound good?
  6. kapat

    kapat Unregistered

    yeah, i'll def be there at 5pm
  7. OK...I talked to Mat earlier. It looks like the Oregon people will arrive from 4-5 or something so I have decided to make the "official" meeting time from 5 to 10pm. Hope to see everyone there! Yeah! I will not arrive until 6 though, since I have to pick up TWF probably.
  8. jweiss123

    jweiss123 Unregistered

    I got an account by the way.
  9. Just got back.

    That was amazing. There were like 8 people there and the machine was CONSTANTLY being played. I am sure the revenue will skyrocket for this month.
  10. Yes, the meeting was absolutely amazing. Everyone who could possibly show up showed up and it was truly a festival of TGM3.

    + Lots of people!
    + Machine worked!
    + Income for the TGM3 bailout fund!
    - Stupid security guards...
    - Fucking Happ sticks that do not work at all...
    - Machine deciding to become unplugged in the middle of what would have probably been an m2 or m3 game.

    So I can't wait until the next meeting! That is, if the tournament doesn't happen before then. I don't think Bill should worry about income this week; the game was played by two players at all times solidly from about 4:30pm until 10 or even later. Meeting up with the Oregon players was cool, along with seeing the locals again. Mat managed to knock KAN's m2 out on Classic Master, and I managed to take the new third place score (right below the KAN score!) with a slightly slower m2. I had a new ST record on the 0-100 section, and Mat demolished the 600+ STs once again in Classic Master.
  11. Indeed, that was a good meeting. After Kevin left, Matt finally finished a game of Classic Master, which was the evening's elusive goal. He even survived the credit roll and got an m5! Video will be up later. There were certainly a lot of people as well. This speaks well to the future of the game. Let's do this tournament!
  12. This sounds awesome! And congrats guys on doing so well with Happ sticks. I can't wait to see what you can manage with some Sanwas! [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    With security guards involved, I'm guessing you guys attracted a lot of attention? [​IMG]
  14. kapat

    kapat Unregistered

    we had them checking us out, cause it was like 5 dudes drinkin in the game room. but it's not liek we where doing anything werid. or trying to give preteen girls shots of vodka, so nothing really happened. it was just chill and cool. turns out it's a good spot for THAT game, cause we just huddled around it. i shoulda got pictures on my phone, but i thought somebody else woulda broght a better came. we should get line up pix next time. and at least set a date also. matt_hatter said he's trying to come up as often as he can. hopefully it'll be often, though the drive must suck. hopefully i'll have better joystick skills by then.
  15. mat


    totally awesome. lots and lots of good things. some really great games played by everyone. can't wait to see the videos people got!
  16. mat


  17. mat


    awesome! thanks so much for posting that.
    i was so excited to finish that i forgot about the m-roll, by the way, so i had to quickly get my hands back on the buttons when i realized the game wasn't actually over. hah.
  18. Mat: Nice job! Must feel good to beat once-upon-a-time kan and be number one on the Grand Master Ranking. [​IMG]
  19. That video really captured the moment! Thanks for sharing that.

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