Seattle TAP/TGM/Candy Cabinet fund

Thread in 'Discussion' started by KevinDDR, 20 May 2009.

  1. So there's a candy cabinet locally that us Seattle players can buy. There's also TAP/TGM1 available for "purchase".

    Here's my proposal:

    Let's generate some money which can fund a new addition to the Seattle arcade TGM scene. If we can generate the money, the machine will be installed locally in an arcade accessible to everyone which is willing to partially split the profits of the cabinet. As the cabinet pays itself off, the person who donated the most money will first get their investment back. Eventually, hopefully everyone will get their money back. If the cabinet is uninstalled from the arcade for any reason, the money in the current "profit fund" will be split back to the players in a proportion to how much they donated towards the cabinet. If the cabinet is reinstalled in another arcade, the money given to players will be removed from the "machine cost" and we will keep going until the cabinet is fully paid off.

    $500 = Candy cabinet (New Astro City)
    $700 = Candy cabinet + TGM1 board.
    $1000 = Candy cabinet + TAP board.

    There's about 10-12 of us who are possibly willing to help contribute to this fund. As such, the costs break down as:

    $40-$50 donation = Candy cabinet (New Astro City)
    $58-$70 donation = Candy cabinet + TGM1 board.
    $85-$100 = Candy cabinet + TAP board.

    If anyone is interested at all, please let me know...
    If anyone has ideas in terms of how to get the ball rolling, please let me know...

    Current potential donations:
    Kevin Z. Birrell - $100-$150
  2. I'd suggest you guys get TAP, rather than TGM1. Aside from it being better for the good players, it also has Normal mode being far more accessible for the n00bs as well.

    I'll be disappointed if you can't find enough people for this. I'd happily donate money to anything like this near where I live, given that $100 equates to what, maybe two XBox/PS3/Wii games (at UK prices at least)? The chance of getting money back would just be a bonus.

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