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  1. Okay, so I didn't end up doing my last video project because the Pink Gorilla Games arcade closed up. To make up for it, I'm recording some TGM "race" sessions with TWF and others which will be hopefully interesting. Some of them will probably just be silly, some of them will contain actually good times/scores.

    Session 1: TGM1 "Outtakes" - TWF wins!
    Recorded March 25, 2011 @ Seattle TGM HQ

    We failed really badly at TGM1, so I decided to just clip together some interesting comments from throughout the evening along with a badly angled ARS rotation fail at the start.

    Session 2 : TGM1 "Race" - KevinDDR wins!
    Recorded April 10, 2011 @ Seattle TGM HQ
    We play games of TGM1 at the same time, and I finish first. Yay!

    Session 3:
    TGM1 "Race" - KevinDDR wins!
    Recorded July 23, 2011 @ Seattle TGM HQ
    We play a game of TGM1 simultaneously, and I barely win. There's also a neat little glitchy surprise at the end, so stay tuned!

    Session 4:
    Recorded February 12, 2012 @ Seattle TGM HQ
    TWF and KevinDDR face off in some rounds of Death Cement VS (Level 300), and Ezzelin fights Magna in Master Cement VS (Level 300). Great matches in an almost unknown mode!
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  3. Sorry for the long delay between videos. TWF and I have been super busy, and Samael is just lame. :p Anyway, the next episode of "Seattle TGM Sessions" will be recorded tomorrow at the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show. We have TGM3 set up in a Blast City cabinet running in glorious 31k, so I'm confident that something good will happen. I ran into Ezzelin today as well.
  4. Bump again. Session 3 video is now uploading. Magna helped us record a live stream of our TGM1 Race and we also have a higher quality video uploading on youtube.
  5. Epic thread bump...

    Magna, Ezzelin, TWF, and I all played some games recently at the Seattle TGM HQ and recorded a neat little video of the never-played Cement Mode in TAP. I'll upload the video ASAP!
  6. Thanks for the heads up about Cement mode. :) I played a bit of it with ARU the other day. The only wonky thing about it is that our machine is set for Versus Lv. 999, meaning you could pull some sketchy 3-for-1-coin games of Master practice at the moment. :p

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