So my GF got her TDS signed by Alexey Pajitnov...

Thread in 'Discussion' started by z-flo, 10 Dec 2007.

  1. At least, the back of it is.

    She's decided to sell the autographed item, and would like to know if anyone on the forums were interested in naming a price.

    Pictures upon request.

    (Edit: There was a DS included with this earlier, but due to unforseen circumstances it is no longer available.)
  2. mat


  3. Could you be more specific? Unless you'd like to pay in laughter, but I don't think she'd be willing to accept one "hah," let alone several...

    If you're doubting the authenticity of the DS/cartridge, both were signed at the Tetris Cup tournament in November.
  4. At least you could have included a photoshoped photo with Henk Rogers mixing with a random DS or something.

    I will help matt to laugh at you...

  5. Neither the wife nor I have any skills with Photoshop or anything of the sort. That said, I can understand why some people would have doubt, but it would be very nice if any other doubters simply didn't respond. [​IMG]
  6. K



    i have to grab mihara for signing my JAMMA ^^
  7. I'm guessing it's not the doubt of authenticity that some people are hah-ing.
  8. Muf


    My "guess" is Henk Rogers isn't viewed very positively around here.

    Oh, and I almost forgot mine: hah!
  9. if you asked me any other time besides during christmas season, i'd very likely give you a price. i think that's a pretty cool thing for a tetris fan to have.
  10. well, after reading an interview (it was a topic on #arika) with pajitnov, i indeed like that man and his "feet on the ground" mentality.

    so at least the pajitnov signature is - in my eyes - worth some money.

    regarding henk rogers - well - he is part a business man. and sometimes i think most if not all business men have the same "strange" attitude and personality.
  11. He was standing right next to Pajitnov after the tournament, and we didn't want to make him feel bad... :p

  12. Unfortunate, for that is what most people here would want [​IMG]
  13. the cartridge would be nice to have but the the ds with henk rodgers... i don't know...
  14. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i can't help but think you would regret at a later time selling these things. you won the frickin tournament and these were part of the prize! maybe you need the money, but i would sell something else first.
  15. Chaos

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    Sorry for maybe partially going off the topic, but why is it that Henk is so lowly respected here? As I am really clueless as to why. Not to say I think he is an awesome person, nor a terrible one, I'd just like to know why he's treated the way he is here.

    Heh I got my TDS cartridge signed by just Pajitnov. W00t for me...
  16. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Part of it had something to do with legal threats against freeware clone developers, even (in some cases) those who weren't misusing the Tetris mark. Another part has to do with three controversial features added to the official spec during the Tetris Worlds era: infinite spin, SRS, and the bag randomizer; and how Mr. Rogers forced them on the producer of Tetris The Grand Master.

    It's a love-hate relationship: we love him for promoting Tetris to the West, but we hate him for the above.
  17. AFAIK, its mostly because of three things:

    1. he is slightly arrogant regarding his attitude that he "owns" tetris and he/his company is the only one eligible to define what tetris really is. this lead to problems with alternative tetris implementations, not following the tetris guideline aka "bible" too strictly, namely ARIKA versions of tetris. i think others can tell you the story in much more detail, but i think there were arika tetris releases for playstation that never made it into the market because of not beeing totally guideline conform.

    2. there was an episode of cease-and-desist letters against shareware and hobby tetris programmers. tetris company tried to suppress these - to their date often superiour (online gaming, better graphics etc) - games, to avoid fair competition with their own products.

    3. broken tetris: infinite spin due to lock delay reset. just to make gameplay easier for beginners is not an excuse to brick gameplay completely.

    but to be honest - all that bashing of henk rogers is a bit pointless, because its business as usual. every other company would react the same way and send out their lawyers etc.

    but i think especially for tetris - a term that imho really IS common property and not a trademark - there was some big outcry because of those cease-and-desist letters to poor one-men tetris programmers.

    whatever - i think others here can explain better.
  18. Heh, I have a turban signed by B. Laden <G>... any takers <LOL>?
  19. Tepples nailed it pretty well. Basically:

    He's massively arrogant when it comes to his game design abilities, even though he's not especially amazing at all. He's a much better business man than game designer.

    The other thing is that, when the choice comes up, he'll always follow his love for money instead of his love of the game. He even shut down the old Tetris Lovers website, on the basis that it hosted linked to tetrinet. It's not hard at all to make an online PC tetris game that blows the crap out of tetrinet, and we still haven't seen one. He attacked it in a way that pissed off tetris fans, instead of a way that would be celebrated by tetris fans.
  20. yeah, when TTC took down tetris lovers, that was like a shot to tetris fans' souls. it was the only web site where people really got together to express the game (back then it was really the only one, and several of the articles on the web site were sent in by fans). and they shut it down because they linked to tetrinet. they didn't even host it.

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