So my GF got her TDS signed by Alexey Pajitnov...

Thread in 'Discussion' started by z-flo, 10 Dec 2007.

  1. i dont even know about tetris lovers [​IMG]

    is this website still inside the internet ? what was the url?

    is there anything saved?
  2. "is there anything saved?"

    only memories. there was a highscore section for game boy tetris, tetris dx, new tetris, etc. top players emailed in pictures of their records. then there was some interesting articles on everything from skimming to making good glued squares in tnt. if i remember correctly, he posted a picture of the letter ttc's lawyer sent him demanding he remove links to non-authentic tetris games (why did they go after him and not the games themselves is probably because they were more legally able since he was using the trademark and not the games themselves). he said he was going to contact a lawyer to see if ttc could do this, and he was pretty mad. then his last post was about the upcoming tetris worlds for gba. the site died shortly after if i remember correctly.

    as for the strikethrough, maybe. i'm kind of hesitant about adding mods after last time.
  3. Poochy

    Poochy Unregistered

    For the Pajitnov-autographed TDS, it'd probably be worth a bundle, but as a bit of a packrat, I'd say just hold onto it. Mementos of events never sell for as much as I think they're worth.

    As for the DS, well, Pajitnov's autograph would definitely raise the price on it. But seeing as how it also has Henk "Tetris Stalin" Rogers' signature... I'll give you this shiny nickel for it.

    Why, you ask?

    "Hey, look, I have a DS signed by Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris!"

    "Cool! And what's this other signature?"

    "Umm... some lower life-form scribbled on it with a felt-tip pen... It was a monkey, I swear!"
  4. Chaos

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    I see. Well I'll keep those facts in mind when talking with Henk (if at all). I never knew any of this (as being under a tetris rock for so long), so thank you for clearing that up for me to those who have explained this to me.
  5. Muf


    You could use silver polish to erase Henk's signature. Silver or copper polish can take care of any type of permanent marker. Just think, by removing one of the signatures you actually make it worth more!
  6. just note that there are a lot of tetris fans out there, but not that many henk-haters. probably because we have inside info running around here, it's popular here to bash him. to me, it would add worth to the item, just as it's two signatures from important tetris people instead of only one. i'm thinking realistically for auctions in general, not for the few henk-haters laying around here and there. don't get me wrong, i definitely have my gripes, but if you ask me, some of these guys really over do it with the "henk is from hell" stuff.

    maybe you could sell it to Steve Wozniak for a butt load of money.
  7. An update on the DS+Tetris combo.

    Due to unforseen circumstances, the DS is no longer available. That is to say, the signature has become irreparably faded.

    The cartridge remains unchanged, though.

  8. I thought something like that might happen. I know my DS is pretty old, but most of the silver has worn off it, and the writing on the sticker on the base with the serial number and stuff is completely worn away.
  9. jujube

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    Rosti, i have a different theory. disappearing ink [​IMG] i'd expect no less from the creator of tetris. give it some time though because it might really be disappearing-reappearing ink!
  10. Sadly, no. I can confirm that such is not the case.
  11. kiwibonga

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    May I recommend nail polish on the cart before it suffers the same fate?
  12. Phydeaux

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    Yeah, could've told you about the marker thing. I wrote my username on my DS to verify that it was my picture/my score running around the internets. Less than a year later you couldn't tell I had even written on it.

    However, for my ShuttlePro that I had autographed by David Pogue (what, I didn't have one of his books handy.), I slapped acrylic tape over that sucker so quick after I got home since I didn't want it to wear off by my palm constantly being on the chunk he signed.

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