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What would you want to race for?

  1. TGM1 GM Grade

    12 vote(s)
  2. TGM1/TAP Master Level 500

    11 vote(s)
  3. TGM1/TAP Master Sections

    9 vote(s)
  4. Death/Shirase Sections

    10 vote(s)
  5. Sakura Mode

    2 vote(s)
  6. Sakura Mode with random Pieces

    2 vote(s)
  7. TAP Normal/Ti Easy Points

    4 vote(s)
  8. I do not want to participate in races.

    0 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This was previously discussed in some Twitch-Chat, and I think it's a pretty cool idea, so I wanted to know what others think about it.

    Most of you will know what SpeedRunsLive is. However, for those who dont:
    http://www.speedrunslive.com is a website where players can race other players in speedrunning any game while streaming it live on twitch.

    As the TGM-series games have a bunch of variety in modes, I think it would not be a problem to find goals to race for. For experienced players, racing to any number of TGM1 GM's would be pretty doable. Players that are not able to get GM (like me) could race for level 500 or something like that. Also, in a mode like Death, you could race for a sum of levels, so when you die, you note at which level you've topped out and add it to the level you died in the previous games. The person, that for example first reaches a sum of 1000 levels, will win.

    What do you think about this? Tell me if you would be interested in participating in some races. :)
  2. Sounds funny :)
    Would definitely love to participate... once I have bought my new PC ^^

    We could even go for rounds of The Masters on a regular basis
  3. I've never done anything with SpeedRunsLive, but I would love to do some races like this!
  4. I'd probably do badly at it but sure I'd love to spectate/participate in the matter!
  5. @K TAP run.
  6. I think I was the one that brought it up in chat, so of course I'm interested!

    I've been brainstorming alternate race goals and my most recent idea is to score our games by the number of sections we pass. It'd be less arithmetic compared to adding level counts at the very least. Maybe there could be bonus points after passing 500 and finishing the game to reward survival, then we'd all race to X amount of points.

    I'm thinking Texmaster is a great boon for these races due to being able to start at specific levels without cheats and having a game overview, although those with PCBs would have them go to waste momentarily.

    A few other ideas:
    • For those aiming for the TAP Master M grades: Race to fulfill all the M-Roll conditions in Special mode starting at level 500.
    • Practice 0G finesse/speed by racing to 300 or 500 while hitting the "minimum" time goals for the M-Roll (as seen in the TAP Master thread):
    * 0 - 100 ---> 60 sec ---> 1:00
    100 - 200 ---> 59 sec ---> 1:59
    200 - 300 ---> 60 sec ---> 2:59
    300 - 400 ---> 58 sec ---> 3:57
    400 - 500 ---> 58 sec ---> 4:55
    500 - 600 ---> 55 sec ---> 5:50
    600 - 700 ---> 50 sec ---> 6:40
    700 - 800 ---> 46 sec ---> 7:26
    800 - 900 ---> 42 sec ---> 8:08
    900 - 999 ---> 37 sec ---> 8:45
    • (Further in the future) M-Roll completions.
    • Of course, there's also Sakura mode if we wanted a more traditional (routed) speedrun.
    Zid and I briefly conversed about handicap systems (by scaling goals) and outside of a Masters-like system which is well-accepted, it seems to be a very tricky subject to figure out a proper handicap (not to mention that if a handicap is used, how rewarding would the win feel in the end).

    Ultimately I'm skeptical on whether or not we have the playerbase to race. I hope I'm wrong though!
  7. First of all it's really cool that there is so much interest in this race-thing. ^^

    Sections sound like a good idea. I agree with you in it being better than racing for levels. The game automaticly gives you a reward for survival through increasing speed and no time loss in restart, but thats kind of minimal (especially in TGM1), so extra rewards might be pretty cool.

    I do not think Texmaster is necessary, just starting from the beginning is a better option in my opinion, but that's kind of personal, so I'm excited to hear more opinions!

    A handicap system would be nice, but it would also be VERY hard to find a fair way to do it. Also, SpeedRunsLive does not really like racing for different goals. (Racing rules can be found here.)

    And to your last point, I dont think that playerbase is a problem. If we use that section-goal, pretty much everyone could participate. It's normal that not everyone has the same chance on winning, but thats not really a problem, since we normally do not even win at all. :D

    If someone wants to do some "test races", just send me a message. I'm available from 18:00 to 22:00 CEST almost every day. :)
  8. I've added a poll to the thread. I would like everyone playing TGM to vote, or at least as many people as possible, so I can see how many are interested or not. Also I would know what races to organize, if there is enough interest. :) (Note that being able to stream is not necessary to participate in a race.)
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  9. It only let me vote for 3, but I would be up for any of the TGM1/TAP categories. :)
  10. I would rather like people to vote for there favorites than for everything they would like. ;)
  11. The idea sounds fun and I am open for everything I have a vague chance of finishing ;) But how exactly is another website needed for this? Can't you just open a thread in the Competition category and propose your rules? Last year someone made up rules for T.A.Death (add levels of 5 consecutive games) and it was also great fun.
  12. I would love to do a death sections race (first to 25? 50? Sections sounds fun)
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  13. I think the idea is that we would be racing simultaneously this way. It's not a race to see who can get the best time doing some task over a week, but who can get the best time in a particular sitting. In my eyes, even though that's somewhat less competitive, it would be more fun with immediate interaction with your competitors.

    I've never used SpeedRunsLive, I just know it's pretty much the de facto speedrun racing hub. I think this is an opportunity to grow our community by giving it more exposure, so if that means using a website/service that has specific guidelines, it's worth it. For what it's worth, it seems like SRL's guidelines aren't very harsh. At the very least, maybe we can show we're not completely crazy people or that there's more to our community than the figureheads seen at *GDQ.

    Also, if anyone wants to do an impromptu race anytime soon, I'm down.
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  14. Ok if its helps to make it happen at the exact same moment, it might be helpful. I would like try it out! But Timezones might be a problem.

    Just do not set the bar too high in the beginning. E.g. 50 sections in Death would mean like 1 hour to me and feel really tiring in the end.
  15. @EnchantressOfNumbers and me were planning to do some races today at about 18:00 CET. If anybody wants to join us, tell us here on TC or in Twitch chat or somewhere.
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  16. damnit i think i'm going out tonight
  17. Might not be there either but I'll take a look!
  18. We've finished our first racing session, and it was a lot of fun. :D
    If somebody wants to see the results, you can find them here: http://www.speedrunslive.com/races/game/#!/tetrisgm2/1

    I think the number of sections we chose was pretty good. One problem I encountered a lot is getting to say level 190, then you have wasted the time of 90 levels. You could avoid this by setting the goal to playing to a certain grade or level, or by adding the number of levels instead of sections (which is not a good solution). Or we just say we have to live with it and try to avoid it by playing better. Also, for section races, I do not think we would have to give extra points for surviving to later sections. It seems like the game speeding up already does this rewarding quite well.

    I hope we can do stuff like this more often and maybe even with more players. :)
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  19. Sry, I had no time to be there and to play or watch. Is there a way to see recordings of it?

    I do not think it is a problem, just think of it as a penalty for dying. You can either risk playing faster or restart at slower speeds by suiciding.
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  20. ei


    I'd be up for joining on these assuming I'm available at the time a race happens. Any thoughts on the next time you're going to run a race?
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