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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by K, 26 Oct 2011.

  1. Because it takes 15 Tetrises for a bronze SK in Ti and you only got 14?
  2. Owned.
  3. Oh. So it's not the same as TAP? For some reason I thought it was...
    What are the conditions for Silver and Gold then? 25 and 35, respectively?
  4. 25 and 40 if my count from Jin8's video is right.
  5. K


    I didn't know as well !
    i was just feeling that bronze was coming "lately" whereas silver more "easily"... :facepalm:

    Now you mention it, there is no medals earning conditions information in Ti wiki page o_O

    BTW please use that logger shit if you want update and bugs correction ! (now looking for shirase..
    i'm also doing experimentation on graphics with canvas through LUA..

    btw, as you can see the logger.exe is a +3MB size.
    apparently the cheatengine dev team is more concerned about fixing bugs and adding new functionnalities than optimizing the stuff..
    even if the original game.exe is about 500Kb, honestly who care nowaday (before someone ask)
  6. Link is down.
  7. No idea which version this is, but here's a mirror.

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