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Thread in 'De Brique et de Bloc' started by Muf, 16 Oct 2017.

  1. Muf


    Hey Frenchies,

    Am I correct in assuming the creation of a French subforum was a failed experiment? There's only two threads and one of them isn't even French.

    As I've seen English threads frequently switch to French halfway through, I figured there'd be an interest in being able to converse in your native language without being told off for it because the site's principal language is English. Was this unfounded?

    Let me know. If nothing changes I'll prune the forum at the end of December.
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  2. Heh. Sorry that I didn't take this subforum very seriously.

    I can't really judge since I don't speak french, but I wouldn't want to use my native language if I could write something a lot more people would understand in a foreign language I'm at least a little comfortable with.
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  3. Well, I guess I could write all the events that I'm attending in this subforum, it just didn't cross my mind.

    Also it used to be active since TGM_FR on Whatsapp was also very active. Now that Jago and Amny presumably stopped playing there are no people posting/sending messages :p

    Food for thought. I'll consider posting event-related stuff (especially when it comes to having mini events at my place)
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  4. I was under the impression that Amnesia started to play again. Recently saw several item mode video from him.
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  5. I might send some new players this way. Could we keep it around to see if it gains some traction? Although a lot of content hasn't been generated just yet, I also feel like it doesn't hurt to keep just in case either way.
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  6. K


    Baguette croissant chocolatines :'(
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  7. Comment oses-tu.
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  8. #teamchocolatines
  9. K


    C'est quoi cette histoire de machin inclusive. Tout le monde a l'air de se monter le bourrichon..

    J'emmène din du mois.. vivement que je récupère ma borne :)
  10. Je vais passer pour un gros enfoiré mais... C'est quoi "din du mois" ? Je comprends vraiment pas pour le coup :D
  11. fin du mois ?
  12. Ah tu emménages à la fin du mois... Ok, c'est bon je l'ai. Merci :D
  13. K


    Ouais voilà :D
    Autocorrecteur tout moisi....
    Bordel ce matin à la boulangerie un gars a demandé des chocolatines !
    En Alsace !
    1 gars et 2 nana l'ont regardé un air louche. Ça a failli mal finir...
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  14. #teampainauchocolat
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  15. K


    Ça y est ! On y est!des travaux toujours pas fini et de la poussiere partout !
    La puissance des artisans en France ou 2 jours = 2 semaines...
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  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    "Now that Jago and Amny presumably stopped playing there are no people posting/sending messages :p"

    Tu plaisantes...Mon objectif actuel est de pulvériser ton record en DEATH. Et le plus drole c'est que j'y crois et je travail dur avec cet objectif.

    Pourquoi je me fais chier à essayer de créer ma propre société à coté de mon taf qui me prend 9h par jour ?? Pour la liberté ? Le pouvoir ? Les femmes ? NOn non non...
    C'est pour avoir plus de temps libre pour à la fin tous vous massacrer sur TGM.
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  17. Oui.
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  18. Muf


  19. Je vois ce que tu fais... :)

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