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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

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  2. Right on, man! WOOOOOO! Baby, bust a move!

    will you be making a video? I'd love to see the maturation of your playstyle.

  4. I knew you had it in you. B) Many congratulations on your day of infinite happiness!
  5. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Congrats! Gotta feel pretty darn nice.

    A video would be nice.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Hello, if I see DHE this evening, I will upload the video today on youtube.
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I want to thank you all for your support, your congratuling comments.
    In opposition of what most of you think maybe, I was very calm right after the GM.
    I just quietly changed the name of the inp file and thought
    "ok for that one : done.."

    I was sure that I could do it recently, not 2 months ago but these last day, I was feeling it. On the last game I really thought "now I do it, it is time now and I can do it"..

    I can say that the time of 6:31 is a little bit disapointing but I am definitly an unsatisfyed person.

    There is something which happend in the community after my GM, something which makes me happy, and which makes me feel bad in the same time.

    I received maybe 3 times more messages of support and congratulations than players like rednefed and kevin, which had a better time than mine actually.
    These players are definitely stronger than me today but they don't have the same attention I have.

    Why in your opinion ? Am I so depressed that you felt the need to help me moraly more than them ?
    Sure it works, because I am now more motivated than ever to work on TAP MASTER and M ROLL now. But I feel complexed in regard to some players here which post some astonishing records and receive less applause than me.
  8. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Hell I can do it right now if you want. (it'll be on my account though)
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am sure you can imagine how it is for me to update it on my account.
    Man it is a GM !!!
    Can you prepare a link and I swear I will dl it as soon as I am back from work, and then I upload it on youtube.
    So I will try to find you on IRC in 7-8 hours (7-8pm in France)
  10. Congrats! Your stack was a crap-ton neater than mine when you finished...

    You try and try very hard. You're a lot more consistent than I am at TAP/TGM. My record was a very lucky run (I've reached 800 only about 5 times and 900 once since then). And I'd argue that you're more well-rounded - I don't even care about the m-roll and my sub-20G play is slightly sub-par.
  11. Amnesia, I would simply take the quantity of congratulations as a testament to the number of friends you've made over the years.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Don't dream about my consistence : I only did 802, 943, 952 and 999 after my last record one year ago (790)

    And trust me I played a lot man, since I recoverd my level with a good FSTE, I did 1 MASTER M rank, the one which is my record currently, and only the 4 DEATH records I mentioned. Recently, I played more than one hour (probably in 2 sessions of 40min) without passing 350 on DEATH.
    The only one thing where I am having a nice consistence is sudden ti, on a good day I always do 500 or 500+.
    But for special ti, omg, I clear a run at 999 only once or twice in 10 games I think.

    I decided to work on that again, from this evening, I will list EVERY of my TAP MASTER game, that means : EVERY EVERY EVERY even a crap fail at lv 149, and if I missdrop on the first tetriminos I won't give up and try to still complete the game.
  13. ei


    Hooray incremental improvements!

    EIHoppe ----------- 620 @ 3:55.66

    Also I got bronze RO that pretty much never seems to happen wtf.
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  15. Hey Amnesia, congrats on your Death GM :D!
  16. Amnesia, you've gotten more words of support because it's been so long coming. People here value persistence and perseverance over years rather than just playing inhumane numbers of hours a day ;)
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    WTF we have a code here !! we can watch a girls getting f****ed by tetrimino monkeys !! :awe:
  18. I was just about to congratulate you until I saw this. What is this, I don't even. :facepalm:
  19. Muf


    It's a forced meme from colour_thief.

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