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  1. O___O
  2. Btw, I FINALLY did it on PCB, and I FINALLY can claim freely in Japan I reached 500 in Death mode !! (using the word "emulator" is the best way to loose friends here...)

  3. Hm, so does the average player take a stance against it? Is it because of the circumstances surrounding Tetris/TGM? It seems in contrast to the condition of the STG scene, what with GareMAME and KET streaming games in MAME and so on -- not sure about other players, though, but that seems pretty high-profile. I think JP speedrunners will also sometimes use emulator?
  4. I only know the TGM scene, cannot say about the other players, but it's pretty easy to understand that playing on a emulator and writing it on the net within such a small community and Mihara around is kind of taboo.

    Anyway most players here play only on pcb or game centers, and any good scores done on emulator will never be considered as a "true" result. Even playing on pcb at home is not considered as an official performance :D
  5. Yeah, I can understand the dynamic around TGM making it more frowned upon. Thanks for the insight.

    Also, lol, does this mean I have to have my kit installed somewhere and travel there to play games to make my TGM3 scores hold water? ;p
  6. In the words of Billy Mitchell : "If tomorrow Tiger Woods golfs a 59, big deal. If he does it at Augusta, that's where it counts."

    Honestly though, that's the stuff that throws me back the most, but yeah, it's true I guess.
  7. Oh yeah I got death GM the same day, two days before leaving. It's recorded this time!

    Just wanted to make sure I would get it so I didn't manlock after 500, but I think it would've taken many more hours with manlocking so... happy I beat my non-recorded record at least!

  8. Hahaha I knew you could do it man =)

    You even got comments from Japanese players! Are you sure you'll be fine?
  9. I just casually got a new record without even trying. Decided to put in 1, and 1 credit only before bed.

    Improved best from 331 to 339. Don't remember the time for sure but I think it was 3:20.55 but I'm not 100% sure. No screenshot or video available.
    It's a worse time compared to my previous record since I decided not to lock at all, really it was the first time I fired up tap/death mode on my cabinet through mame and I didn't even focus on the game, and it came out as a new record...

    cab = good investment? :)
  10. Woo, broke my record and on Kevin's PCB at that!
    (791 in 5:02:75)
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  11. So apparently this is top 3, but I'm not quite sure this is the case... Anyways :

  12. COL


    La vache O_O
    When did you improve like that?
  13. Oh la vache indeed, nice job Qlex! Do you remember what your 500 time was?
  14. Thanks guys! AGDQ did wonders, I imagine, but I have no idea how I got a time like that lol

    I actually have a b&w video of it, but since my internet is crap I might have to wait until next tuesday at latest. My first half was 2:51 iirc, I did manlock from time to time during a significant part of the second half
  15. [​IMG]

    fuck yes! been a long time coming. took a rather long break from tgm but i came back some weeks ago and started to work on death M again. i have the input recorded but i've never really paid attention to this stuff until now so i hope i can easily get a video out of this.
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  16. Nice SimMarine! Welcome to the club :D

    You'll be able to get a recording off the inp so long as you've also got the associated nvram saved, or you have a batch file that automatically wipes the nvram and starts with a blank one every game. Otherwise you're a bit SOL... :\
  17. [​IMG]

    Congrats, Kappa
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