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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    New PR with screenshot this time: 999 @ 6:06:36
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  2. [​IMG]
    Finally!!! GM in 06:18:40. Happened on my second game of the first session after a decent break. Click image for video.
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  3. COL


  4. Congratulations, a job well done :)
  5. [​IMG]
    Broke 400!
    409 @ 3:52:85 (slowpoke alert)
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  6. That's a pretty good score! Do you have a video of that?
  7. Took me three years but finally broke that game again, fortunately beating my record :p

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  8. Nope! Maybe now that I'm done with school I'll stream / record sometimes, probably mostly TGM1 for now.
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  9. COL


    Congrats Qlex! That's a big improvement. Have you practiced a lot recently?
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  10. Very nice run! You managed the holes during the game quite successfully!
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  11. Thanks guys!

    @COL : I don't practice a lot but I do practice daily. With everything else I'm doing (a bit of physical exercise, eat healthy etc) I think that helps immensely
  12. Now that's what we call a deadly run x) ! Congratz Qlex !
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  13. No video for this either, but I managed to tie this level record... about 45 seconds faster :p I blame the shirase I've been playing this week
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  14. That is a very good time! Hopefully you understand the secrets of 500 and M could become a reality!
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  15. Finally reached level 400:

    407 in 3:11:58


    Pretty slow though, I had a much faster run just before this, but it died at 376:


    Dunno if its fast enough to make the torikan though.

    Copyable line for the highscore table:
    WakiMiko ---------- 407 @ 3:11:58  |
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  16. I do believe for the fast one that you were only ten seconds short. Having your time when entering 400 is generally safe for the torikan at 500. Good job!
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  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I would say that, if you had died in 2:44 but at 390-395, it would have been ok for your speed.
    Because screwing up, suffering and losing make you waste a lot of time, so with a stable stack you would have entered 400 in less than 2:50. Then you would miss the TORIKAN by almost nothing because you don't manual lock at 400 I suppose ..
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  18. I don't even manual lock in 300-400 yet because it causes accidental double locks ^^

    Edit: 500 is getting closer. M... not so much...

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  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It is really rare that a player breaks 500 the first time, you will top out soon at 500 between 3:30 and 3:50. But you must do it many times to get used to it and have less and less fear and stress around 400.
    The stress is really the thing which absorbs the most of your efficience. The heart beating prevents you to play your best.

    You must feel like : "mmhh ok.. 400..."
    But today you are more like : "OMG omg omg...400 !! what's my time ?? Can I do it maybe today ??!!!"
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