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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. Wow, we're having reaaally good progress on this thread! Glad that people give the game the love it deserves :)

    Fingers crossed that both @JBroms and @EnchantressOfNumbers reach 500 soon!
  2. 216, still a noob in death mode :D
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  3. 357->390. Small progress, maybe a fluke. Managed to recover from one mistake at 300 speed, but the second one got me.
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  4. 468 @ 3:12.68.

    I can get M, I know it. I could have gone faster through the 300s but I was a little scared. I know I have it in me now.
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  5. Muf


    Something went right in my life *golf clap*

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    Very nice :)
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  7. [​IMG]
    Been playing pretty much nothing but TAP's Death mode for the past few weeks during lunch breaks (~2 hours per week) at work and managed to get this. So close to 300 yet I'm happy to even get that far. No video this time due to craptop.
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  8. super old screenshot but i realised i never posted in here so
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  9. This is likely the last significant progress I'll make for quite some time. Finally broke 300, and of course proceeded to immediately top out. I'll have to completely relearn my muscle memory to play at that speed.

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  10. Speaking of level 300s, got this on my first game at work today:
    Basically the same game except things went a little bit better in the late 200s. I think now I should aim for an S2-S3 in master as it's been a while since I've played it.
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  11. FeV


    M (509) @ 3:27.30 (500 time was a high 3:23)
    I have achieved M status!! And I also got an S8 Master today, two grade PBs in one day. Today was a good day.

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  12. Congratulations man, that torikan is extremely hard. Glad you got through it, hope you enjoy the adventure all the way to GM :D But for now, enjoy your day of infinite happiness!
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    The really first time we see the M pulsing on the screen is really a HIGH sensation.
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  14. [​IMG]
    (i was at my grandparents' so bad picture)
    I had two games that session
    One where I got 219 and got pissed off because that's exactly my old PB (IT WAS PRETTY MUCH EXACTLY THE SAME TIME TOO FUCK ME)
    Then I got this
    After four months of not breaking 200 at all
    This game man I swear
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  15. I have finally recorded myself playing a game of death which resulted in 400+! I got 407 in 3:03:91. I've played a game where I got 409, but I don't have that recorded. I played considerably slower in this particular game than I normally do due to frustration at not breaking the 400 mark, but if anyone wants to critic and give pointers, feel free!

    @BBQTurkeyzZ I played about five or six games of 397 before I broke 400 for the first time, so I know how you feel about the 219. Congrats though! :D
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  16. 274, becoming a bit better :D
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  17. Just a minor improvement here, both in time and levels: 428 @ 3:07:36. I wish I had been recording this one.

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  18. FeV


    Not another M sadly (mostly cause of a level stop at 100 iirc), but I made it to 500 and then survived the entire credit roll! So it felt much better than my PB. Next time I won't be level stopped.
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  19. 772 @ 4:54.86
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  20. upload_2016-3-2_18-36-8.png
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